Yikes, bikes!

The very first vehicle to be human propelled and use only 2 wheels was invented in 1817. This was the precursor to the bicycle which would come in 1839.  It offered people a chance to propel themselves using their own effort at speeds far greater than would be possible on foot.  Now, nearly 2 centuries...

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5 Things Learned from Reading Weeks in 4 Years

In my four years at Queen’s I have had different experiences with Reading Week.  As much as we would all like to pretend, Reading Week is shockingly rarely used to catch up on school and would instead be better named ‘Release Work’ because however we spend our time during Reading Week it is a chance...

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The Top Ten Places to Study on Campus

This December exam period marks my seventh set of exams at Queen’s University as a supposedly ‘experienced’ Economics student, and I’ve learned through the years of the unique places on campus to study without being disturbed.  The goal of today, therefore, is to present the top ten places to study...

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I Wanna Pay Love to Queen’s Clubs

Let’s talk Clubs at Queen’s. We’ve got a rich assortment of Clubs on campus that all add an immeasurable contribution to the Queen’s community. With well over 200 different clubs, there’s clubs to meet the interests of just about anybody. Whether you’re looking for politics, religion, advocacy, education,...

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Supporting Others, Supporting Yourself

Over the past month or so while I was giving the AMS services Anti-Oppression training, I also included mental health discussions with many of them. When asked how they would support people, most of them hit the ones you would expect immediately:  actively listening, knowing resources, not making...

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Critical Thinking Not Just for Fourth Years

In just a week I will be entering my fourth year as a student at Queen’s University. Fourth year is lauded as the year in which students can finally sink their teeth into critical thinking. They challenge professors in seminars, take advantage of smaller classes to have true discussion, and begin...

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Who’s To Blame For Declining Quality?

I’ve now been involved with student government for three years and am entering my second full-time position as a student advocate. After a year of being the Academic Affairs Commissioner for the Alma Mater Society there is one argument that routinely exasperates me. That argument is that students...

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