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Welcome to the AMS Commission of Environmental Sustainability (CES). Having been reintroduced in 2020, the CES offers many opportunities for sustainable advocacy and engagement within the Queen’s community. Initiatives such as the Sustainable Action Fund (SAF), the Sustainable Event Certificate (SEC) and the Collective Closet encourage student participation in sustainable initiatives. The purpose of this page is to provide students with sustainability resources and content that is easily accessible. Enjoy!

AMS Sustainable Resources

Sustainability Hub

The Sustainability Hub will run 6 times in 2023-24. Each iteration will detail a particular theme, subthemes, highlight faculty, key speakers, relevant local businesses, and feature clubs and organizations. Interested groups will be given the opportunity to host a booth at this event to promote and facilitate their contributions toward the environmental community of Kingston through the lens of a particular event theme.

Event Dates and Details

Time: 3 pm – 7 pm

Fall Semester 

  • Wednesday, September 27th
  • Thursday, October 26th
  • Thursday, November 30th

Winter Semester 

Coming Soon!

Applications closed on February, 25th at 11:59 PM.

Sustainable Action Fund

The goal of the Sustainable Action Fund (SAF) is to improve and promote sustainability at Queen’s by providing funding to relevant events and initiatives that have applied during the application period. The applicability of the fund is extremely broad and has been granted to various initiatives, including conferences, a greenhouse, a residence composting initiative, and a secure bike storage facility. This is an excellent opportunity to fund undergraduate projects focused on sustainability. Applications are open three times a year.

Applications for the year 2023-2024 are:  

  • September 25th – October 15th 
  • November 6th –19th  
  • January 29th – February 25th
  • March 18th – March 26th

    Sustainable Event Certificate

    The Sustainable Event Certificate (SEC) is a campus initiative created to help educate and assist students in reducing the environmental impact associated with their events. The SEC guides the user through a variety of event planning options to minimize waste, reduce emissions, and create educational opportunities for attendees. This certification is intended to assist in the advertising of events that have been approved by allowing them to be marketed with the SEC Seal. On campus discounts are also available for the event if the SEC is awarded. Achieving this certification will require individuals to question the purpose of every product used, while also assessing the usefulness of more ecofriendly alternatives.

    For documents click here.

    Collective Closet

    The Collective Closet is a swap-based clothing initiative founded in collaboration with the Commission of Environmental Sustainability and Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC). It was created to help promote slow fashion and a sustainable way of obtaining “new” clothing. The Collective Closet has a store front in LaSalle building on the first floor with regular weekly hours. For more information about store hours and pop-up shops, follow the Collective Closet Instagram!

    Procedure for Sustainable Actions

    The AMS Procedure for Sustainable Actions was introduced in 2021 as a breakdown of our hopes and expectations for both the government and services side of the AMS. It offers advice, resources, and descriptions of current initiatives for staff reference.

    Queen’s Environmental Coalition

    The Environmental Coalition is a group of environmental clubs, faculty society members and individuals who meet to discuss updates and work on collaborative work as a collective. Through this, common sustainability issues on campus are explored, and remediation is sought out with the support of the AMS Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability. This coalition promotes conservation, education, research and innovation, and acts as a place for advocacy of sustainable university operations. It is an excellent space to discuss individual initiatives, as well as create successful collaborations! If you are interested in joining the coalition email .

    Queen’s Urban Agriculture and Sustainability Hub (SQUASH)

    Outdoor environmental

    Society for Conversation Biology

    Outdoor environmental

    Queen’s University Squirrel Watching Club (QSWC)

    Outdoor Environmental

    The greener Project

    Outdoor Environmental

    Queen’s Backing Action on the Climate Crisis (QBACC)

    Outreach & Activism

    Conservation Queen’s

    outreach & Activism

    AIESEC in Queen’s

    Outreach & Activism

    Enactus Queen’s

    Sustainable Development

    Queen’s Project on International Development (QPID)

    Sustainable Development

    Queen’s University Experimental Sustainability Team (QUEST)

    Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Hub

    Sustainable Development

    Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) Sustainability Director

    Faculty & Department Societies

    Environmental Studies DSC

    Faculty & Department Socities

    Commerce Society – Environmental Officer

    Engineering Society Sustainability

    Faculty & Department Societies

    Queen’s Concurrent Education Students’ Association (CESA) Sustainability

    Faculty & Department Societies

    Queen’s Physical Health Education and Kinesiology Student Association (PHEKSA)

    Society & Department Societies

    Sustainable Queen’s

    Conferences & Talks

    Commerce & Engineering Environmental Conference (CEEC)

    Conferences & Talks

    Queen’s Conference on Ocean Sustainability (QCOS)

    Conferences & Talks

    Queen’s Sustainability Conference (QSUS)

    Conferences & Talks

    Queen’s Water Environment Conference (QWEC)

    Conferences & Talks

    The Earth Centre

    Amenities & Services

    Queen’s Greenovations

    Amenities & Services

    Student Life Centre – Sustainability Manager

    Amenities & Services

    Queen’s Soul Food

    Amenities & Services

    Queen’s For Sustainable Fashion (QSF/QFSF)

    Amenities & Services

    Residence Society (ResSoc)

    Amenities & Services

    AMS Food Bank

    Amenities & Services

    Important Contacts

    Profile Image

    Ryan Kuhar

    AMS Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability

    Profile Image

    Elise O’Callaghan

    AMS Environmental Sustainability Internal Manager

    Profile Image

    Emma Davison

    AMS Collective Closet Deputy

    Profile Image

    Maya Aldis

    AMS Environmental Sustainability Marketing deputy

    Profile Image

    Angela Cini

    SLC Sustainability Operations Manager

    Profile Image

    Ella Bickford

    ENGSOC Environmental Representative

    Profile Image

    Prusha Balaratnam

    ASUS Sustainability Director

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