Event Planning & Approvals

  • Event Planning Form
    • Event forms are required to be submitted 14 business days prior to the date of the event unless otherwise stated in the event planning form.

Event Planning & Approvals 2023-2024

Having the AMS Events Planning & Approvals Guide open while completing the Event Planning form may assist you in completing it to the best of your abilities.

How is event planning different this year? 

The event planning process of the AMS has a few updates this year:

  • All Event Planning & Approvals will be conducted through one form, which will change depending on the chosen criteria. This has been done to eliminate the confusion of different forms for events including alcohol, or that are hosted online. 
  • Event Organizers are no longer required to fill out a COVID-19 Safety plan. 
  • To ensure that your event has adequate time to be approved, please submit your form 14 business days prior to the start day of the event. Additionally, if your event includes any external factors (such as a COI request, hospitality services request, etc.), be cognizant that these each have their own reviewal time period. 

The Event Planning form assists organizers in thinking through each aspect of their event and planning for the safety of their participants and organizers. The process outlined in this form will provide event organizers with a guide to follow to ensure they are in full compliance with AMS risk management best practices and with University policies. This process allows for student leaders to explore opportunities and plan events that would regularly be out of the scope for many groups on campus due to limitations and cost. 

Finally, completion of the event planning form and subsequent review and approval of your event allows the organization to use their AMS/Queen’s/Faculty Society/Club affiliated name with their event. As a ratified member of the AMS, all member groups have agreed to abide by the Event Planning & Approval Process, and thus are permitted to market and associate their name with the event once approval has been granted. 

Who must receive approval for their events? 

Any group planning to hold an event that involves student members of the AMS in an official capacity must have its event approved. Examples of student groups are: 

  • All Ratified AMS Clubs 
  • Faculty Societies 
    • Ratified Faculty Society Clubs 
    • Ratified Faculty Society Committees 
  • Department Student Councils 

This does not apply to any event open exclusively to executive members that does not include a high risk factor. Any event open exclusively to executive members that does involve a high risk factor (food, alcohol, travel, moderate to high physical activity or minors) must receive approval for their events if they wish to operate under their respective group name and market as such. 

When should the event planning form be submitted? 

  • All requests should be submitted at least 14 – 21 business days prior to the event.
  • Incomplete forms will be returned for completion prior to conducting a review.
  • Forms submitted under 14 business days before the event risk not being reviewed in time for approval.
  • Note for events that include food – Hospitality Services may need to be notified 14 days prior to the event. 
  • For largescale events, including conferences and those that include alcohol/require StuCons, forms should be submitted at least 30 days before the event date. This is to ensure adequate time for both the Campus Affairs Commission and QSC to review the event details and work with event organizers to mitigate any risk.

Upon approval of a completed form, event organizers will receive coverage under the AMS General Liability Insurance Policy.  

      • Event Planning Form

      Social Issues Commission Event Certificates

      The Social Issues Commission is officially launching the Social Issues Commission Event Certificates.

      This program is for event planners, organizers, and coordinators to have assistance in planning their event for improving social responsibility, providing equitable spaces, and/or activism/advocacy/awareness associated with their events/programs. All while providing learning opportunities for everyone involved.

      You will be guided through a variety of event planning options to improve in a variety of areas. With the three areas of certificates being:

      Accessibility & Neurodiversity
      Indigeneity & Reconciliation
      Diversity & Inclusion

      If you achieve all three you receive the golden certificate: The Equitable Event Certificate. When achieving any or all of these certificates you are awarded with incentives.

      SICEC Program Guide

      SICEC Evaluation Sheet

      Room Bookings

      Room bookings offer an excellent opportunity for you to facilitate in-person interactions with students on campus throughout the year.

      Club-Specific Spaces
      There are shared spaces on the third floor of the Queen’s Centre that is allocated to clubs each year. If you have been allocated a space, you may book time through the FACES booking system.
      Recurring Bookings

      To book recurring booking space in the JDUC and/or Queen’s Centre for your club, reservations must be made at the beginning of each semester through the Student Life Centre. For more information on recurring bookings, please contact the SLC Operations Manager at 

      The Donald Gordon Hotel and Convention Centre

      To book space within the  The Donald Gordon Hotel and Convention Centre, please visit here.

      Set amidst Queen’s historic university campus, the Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre provides a total executive learning environment including 15 conference and meeting spaces, 80 hotel rooms and professional hospitality services with packages designed to accommodate all your event requirements.

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