Event Planning & Approvals

The purpose of the Event Planning & Approvals process is to ensure that all Queen’s students are able to have fun and be engaged while having the event insured by the AMS. We have developed a separate process and form to approve online events due to their unique nature as compared to in-person events. The process outlined in these forms will provide event organizers with a guide to follow to ensure they are in full compliance with both AMS risk management best practices and with University policies. By filling out an in-person or online event planning form and getting your event approved, event organizers will be able to be covered by the AMS insurance provider.

All student-led groups must submit their Event Sanctioning Form 14 to 21 business days prior to their event date. This includes:

  1. All Ratified AMS Clubs
  2. Faculty Societies
    1. Ratified Faculty Society Clubs
    2. Ratified Faculty Society Committees
  3. Department Student Councils

Room Bookings

Room bookings offer an excellent opportunity for you to facilitate in-person interactions with students on campus throughout the year.

Club-Specific Spaces
There are shared spaces on the third floor of the Queen’s Centre that is allocated to clubs each year. If you have been allocated a space, you may book time through the FACES booking system.
Recurring Bookings

To book recurring booking space in the JDUC and/or Queen’s Centre for your club, reservations must be made at the beginning of each semester through the Student Life Centre. For more information on recurring bookings, please contact the SLC Operations Manager at 

The Donald Gordon Hotel and Convention Centre

To book space within the  The Donald Gordon Hotel and Convention Centre, please visit here.

Set amidst Queen’s historic university campus, the Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre provides a total executive learning environment including 15 conference and meeting spaces, 80 hotel rooms and professional hospitality services with packages designed to accommodate all your event requirements.


Effective May 1 2022 our new address is (Lasalle) 146 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2V8
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