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    Ride all year long!

    AMS and SGPS students who paid their Bus-it student activity fee in September 2023, can continue riding the Kingston Transit system until September 1, 2024 with your Queen’s University student card and validation sticker.

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    Health & Dental

    Have you checked out your Health & Dental Plan? Coverage includes health, dental, vision, travel, and gender-affirming care. Learn more about your coverage and claiming options. 

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    Your JDUC. Your Experience.

    Check out the new JDUC landing page for more information about the JDUC coming summer 2024. 

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    Support the Food Bank

    Donations of any non-perishable goods, hygiene products and baby products will be accepted by volunteers during operating hours. 

    Consider a monetary donation to support food security on campus. 

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    Need some Support?

    The Peer Support Centre (PSC) is comprised of 100+ dedicated staff and volunteers. The PSC provides all undergraduate students with confidential, empathetic, peer-to-peer support, including resource referrals and practical guidance. Students are welcome to come in to talk about homesickness, personal grievances, mental health, instances of oppression and/or discrimination, sexual violence, academic challenges, and more! The PSC should not be used in the place of professional mental health services, but we are more than happy to listen to your experiences, and assist you with reaching out to further supports.

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    PEACH Market

    PEACH Market is a shared initiative between Student Affairs and the Alma Mater Society. Located in the New Medical Building, PEACH provides access to untouched food that is packaged and made available to students, staff, and faculty through the market’s accessible ‘pay what you can’ operating model.

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  • Tricolour Yearbook

    Tricolour Year Book

    Submit your pictures to be featured in the 2023-2024 Tricolour Yearbook! 


Comprised of 300+ unique clubs and 16000+ students getting involved each year, the clubs community is an integral part of the Queen’s experience. Clubs not only enhance student life, but provide opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the Queen’s and Kingston community. No matter what you’re interested or passionate about, there’s something for everyone to get involved! In addition to the Club Directory, we have the Clubs Digital Brochure 23-24 to help you connect to clubs!

Clubs Digital Brochure 23-24


The Alma Mater Society runs 11 services which have been established to meet the wants and needs of Queen’s students. Every service is run top to bottom, from management to staff, completely by Queen’s undergraduates. From printing and copying, to coffee, to digital media, the AMS has opportunities available in a wide range of fields.

By Students, For Students

Learn more about the Alma Mater Society.

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