Assembly is the highest legislative body of the AMS and includes representatives from all constituent faculty societies and AMS Senior Management.

The Assembly Scribe collaborates with the Secretary of Internal Affairs and the Assembly Speaker to produce a set of comprehensive minutes of each Assembly meeting, keeping in mind the deadline to publish the minutes is 5 business days following each meeting. This position is paid per hour.

The Assembly Speaker is the chair of assembly meetings who works with the Secretary of Internal affairs to ensure that assembly is following rules of order. This is a volunteer position.

Assembly Composition

The AMS Speaker chairs AMS Assembly. The Speaker is responsible for facilitating and mediating discussion and debate.

The AMS Secretariat plans Assembly and ensures that processes are in accordance with policy. The Secretariat creates biweekly Assembly agendas and releases the minutes within five business days of each meeting.

Any AMS member-at-large can attend Assembly, however voting rights are only given to members-at-large at the Annual General Meeting. All positions below that do not have voting rights are marked by an asterisk.

AMS Assembly Dates 2022-2023 

Thursday September 22nd 6:00 pm

Thursday October 20th 6:00 pm

Thursday November 3rd 6:00 pm
(Candidate Validation)

Thursday December 1st 5:30 pm
(Corporate Special General Meeting)

Thursday December 1st 7:30 pm

Thursday December 15th 7:00 pm
(Emergency Assembly)

Thursday January 26th 6:00 pm
(Candidate Validation)

Thursday February 16th 6:00 pm

Thursday March 9th 6:00 pm
(Annual Meeting)

Thursday March 9th 8:00 pm

Thursday April 6th 5:00 pm
(Corporate Annual General Meeting)

Thursday April 6th 7:00 pm
(Transition Assembly)


Effective May 1 2022 our new address is (Lasalle) 146 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2V8
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