The Secretariat facilitates the governance operation, rules and policies of the AMS as they guide the direction of the society. The Secretariat oversees all matters concerning AMS Assembly, elections and referenda. The Secretariat Office is managed by the Secretary of Internal Affairs.

The Secretary of Internal Affairs is the manager of the Secretariat and the coordinator of Internal Affairs. They are responsible for overseeing Assembly, the AMS Board of Directors, Elections, and Judicial Affairs. Additionally they are in charge of keeping policy updated and clear. They are a member of senior management and work with the AMS president to ensure that the AMS is practicing good governance.

Our Policies

Government Policies

The AMS Assembly also presides over the Society policy documents and has full power, within the confines of the AMS Constitution, to create, alter and/or terminate any policy documents; and to deal with any reports, recommendations and/or conclusions of any groups, committees and organizations which fall within its purview. Every modification to policies or the AMS Constitution requires two majority votes at two successive AMS Assemblies. In effect, the Assembly acts as the legislative branch of the Queen’s undergraduate student government. The AMS Assembly has authority over the following Society governance documents:
AMS Constitution | The AMS Constitution is the primary governing document of the Society. It contains both the AMS mission and operating statements and broadly delineates the fundamental principles by which the Society is governed. Any part, section, subsection or paragraph of the constitution may only be amended following two readings held at two separate regular meetings of the Assembly.

Assembly Policy | Assembly Policy governs the rules, procedures and makeup of AMS Assembly. Along with outlining the roles of the speaker, scribe, and Secretary of Internal Affairs.

Clubs Policy | Clubs policy is the governing document for all AMS ratified Clubs. It outlines procedures for grants, new clubs, awards, and more.

Elections and Referenda Policy | Elections and Referenda Policy governs all AMS elections and is used to ensure a fair and transparent elections process. This policy supersedes faculty society elections policies in cases where Faculty Societies have no policy.

Rector Elections Policy | Rector Elections Policy governs the election of the Rector. This purpose of this policy is to provide additional clarity and rules, as the Rector is elected by both the AMS and SGPS.

NAM Policy and Procedures | Outlines the scope, processes, and sanctioning that is used in AMS Non-Academic Misconduct. The AMS uses this policy to operate the Judicial Affairs Office and handles level 1 Student Code of Conduct Violations.

PIP Policy and Procedures | Outlines the scope, processes, and sanctioning that is used in AMS Policy Infringement Protocol. The AMS uses this policy to operate the Judicial Affairs Office and handles violations of AMS, and Faculty Society policy.

Principles and Positions | AMS principals & positions outlines the stances held by the AMS on different student facing topics.

Procedures Policy | Procedures policy governs the different awards that the AMS offers and the procedures surrounding new conferences.

Corporate Policies

The affairs of the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University Inc., incorporated under the Corporations Act of Ontario, are governed by the By-Laws of the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University. The By-Laws may be amended at any single meeting of the Board of Directors and any such amendment shall take effect immediately. However, all such amendments shall cease to take effect unless confirmed at the next Corporation Special General meeting (usually in late October or early November) or Corporation Annual meeting (usually held in mid-March). The By-Laws may also be amended at either of these meetings. The voting members of Assembly are also defined as the voting members of the corporation, and thus act as voting “shareholders” of the corporation at the two annual corporate meetings.

The Board of Directors also administers its own policy manual. Included in this document are Board operating procedures, AMS corporate service-specific policies, accounting and finance policies, and basic corporate philosophy. The Board may amend this document at any one of its meetings.

The Board of Directors has authority over the following governance documents:

  • AMS Inc. By-Laws
  • AMS Board of Directors Policy Manual
  • Student Activity Fee Policy
  • Hiring and Appointment Policy
  • AMS Standards of Performance
  • Harassment Discrimination and Violence in the Workplace Policy and Program (HDV)
  • Information Technology Policy
  • AMS Volunteer Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Investment Policy Statement


Effective May 1 2022 our new address is (Lasalle) 146 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2V8
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