Student Activity Fees

Otherwise known as Ancilliary fees

Any student wishing to opt-out of an Optional AMS or Faculty-Specific Fee—or from the AMS Health and Dental Plans—may do so once a year during the Change of Coverage period from September 1, 2023 to October 3, 2023 Please note: opting-out of the AMS Health and Dental Plans requires proof of equivalent coverage by another plan.

Who is Assessed Student Ancillary Fees?

AMS-affiliated, full-time, undergraduate, on-campus students are assessed student ancillary fees. AMS-affiliated students are those represented by the following Faculty Society members: Arts and Science, Applied Science and Engineering, Computing, Commerce, Concurrent Education (years 1-4 only), Health Science, Nursing, and Physical & Health Education & Kinesiology students.

Students registered in 9 or more units (equivalent to 3 courses) are considered full-time and are assessed full student ancillary fees; both mandatory and optional. This assessment is done in the Fall Term. Students enrolled solely during the winter term are assessed 50% of mandatory student fees only.

AMS-affiliated part-time undergraduate on-campus students who would not normally be charged student ancillary fees may opt-in through the University Registrar if they wish to participate in and have access to undergraduate student government activities, jobs and services and the AMS Health and Dental plans. Please select the Self Enrolment button above to learn about and complete the Self Enrolment process. 

Students 65 years or older, those not AMS-affiliated, and those registered exclusively in certificate programs, correspondence, off-campus or evening courses (including students registered in the undergraduate online career), are exempt from this process and are not able to opt-in.

How Are Student Ancillary Fees Established?

Virtually all student ancillary fees are established by majority votes in campus-wide referenda. In order for a fee to appear on a referendum ballot it must collect signatures in support from 1% of AMS members and/or be approved for the ballot by the elected legislative branch of the student government (AMS Assembly). Most student ancillary fees are subject to review by referendum every three years, giving students an opportunity to either confirm or reject support for individual fees.

If you are looking to establish a student fee, submit a validation package to by December 1st. The validation package can be found below:

Student Ancillary Refund Policy

Students who formally complete their degree program or withdraw from the University must submit their student card to the Office of the University Registrar, Gordon Hall, Room 125 in order to obtain a refund of student ancillary fees.

Fee refunds, in accordance with University Policy can be viewed here:

If you are having difficulty submitting opt-out forms, please clear your browser cache and try again.  If problems persist, we kindly request that you capture a screenshot of the issue and share it with IT for further investigation.  You can do this at

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