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Alma Mater Society

To serve and represent the diversity of students at Queen’s University.

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Alma Mater Society


Assembly and the Board of Directors govern the Society and the Corporation of the AMS respectively. Assembly is the ultimate decision-making body for the Society acting in the best interest of the student body debating policy and political affairs of the Society. The Board of Directors plays a strategic, fiduciary, and human resources role in the corporate side of the AMS. For more information on these groups, visit the Governance section.

Alma Mater Society

Meet the Team

The Executive have come together to serve the vibrant student body that constitutes Queen’s University and provide an unparalleled student experience. With a desire for brevity and realism, Team KMV has established a platform with four primary pillars: Cohesiveness, Relationships, Accessibility and Communication. Now, more than ever, we see a great need to strengthen the greater AMS community both internally and externally.

Our Executives

Kate McCuaig

Kate McCuaig

Michelle Hudson

Michelle Hudson

Vice President (Operations)
Vic Mills

Vic Mills

Vice President (University Affairs)

Our Senior Management Team

Profile Pic

Caitlin Parkes

Director of Marketing
Mikayla Crawford

Mikayla Crawford

Director of Communications
Callum Fraser

Callum Fraser

Commissioner of Campus Affairs
Alysa Ahmad

Alysha Ahmad

Secretary of Internal Affairs
Dreyden George

Dreyden George

Commissioner of Clubs
Tryphena Evborokhai

Tryphena Evborokhai

Student Life Center Head Manager
Ryan Kuhar

Ryan Kuhar

Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability
Ruth Osunde

Ruth Osunde

Commissioner of Social Issues (Internal)
Profile Image

Khadija Farooq

Commissioner of Social Issues (External)
Beny Johal Pascal

Beny Johal Pascal

Walkhome Head Manager
Phallon Melmer

Phallon Melmer

Common Ground Head Manager
Julian Mollot-Hill

Julian Mollot-Hill

Commissioner of External Affairs
Ayan Chowdhury

Ayan Chowdhury

Tricolour Outlet Head Manager
Olivia Orsi

Evelina Borvanova

StudioQ Head Manager
Rianna Murchison

Rianna Murchison

Food Bank Head Manager
Sam Barton

Samantha Barton

Print & Copy Centre Head Manager
Amanda Ackehurst

To be Hired

Peer Support Centre Head Manager
Caroline Jarrett

Caroline Jarrett

Queen’s StuCons Head Manager
Cassidy McMackon

Cassidy McMackon

Queen’s Journal Editor-in-Chief
Profile Pic

Asbah Ahmad

Queen’s Journal Editor-in-Chief
Isabella Miller

Isabella Miller

AMS Media Centre Project Manager

Massimo Recupero

Orientation Roundtable Coordinator

Our Assistant Managers

Qiuling Jin

Marketing Research Analyst

Nicole Sobolewski

Talent Acquisition Manager

Alyssa Wong

Human resources Manager

Calder Bryson

Chief Electoral Officer

Nay Chi Htwe

Government Affairs Manager

Sylvie Garabedian

Judicial Affairs Manager

Cheryl Liang

Research and Policy Analyst

Heshanth Rasalingam

Assistant Commissioner of Clubs

Renee Balila

Housing Resource Centre Manager

Roan Haggerty-Goede

Academic Affairs Manager

to be hired

Indigenous Initiatives Coordinator
Orientation Roundtable Assistant Coordinator

Bella Orman

SLC Outreach Manager

to be hired

SLC Operations and Sustainability Manager

Julia Neves

SLC Marketing Manager

Ashley Barber

SLC Reservations Manager

Angela Anthony

Queens StuCons Logistics Manager

Paige La Fraugh

Queen’s Stucons Public Liason and Recruitment Manager

Jun Wei (Allen) Wu

Peer Support Centre Marketing Manager

Andy Stokes-Noonan

Peer Support Centre Outreach Manager

Jirjees Al-Shammaa

Peer Support Centre x Gender and Sexual Diversity Assistant Manager

Melody Garas

Peer Support Centre x BIPOC Talk Assistant Manager

Rita Smolkin

Printing and Copy Centre Logistics and Staff Relations Manager

To be hired

Printing and Copy Centre Purchasing and Productions Manager

Cecilia Vasquez

Printing and Copy Centre Marketing Manager

To be hired

Tricolour Outlet Marketing and Online Assistant Manager

Carly Clemens

Tricolour Outlet Travel, Administration Assistant Manager

Fiona Fleury

Tricolour Outlet Purchasing and Custom Ordering Assistant Manager

Manal Shah

Queen’s Journal Business Manager

Aleeza Balbas

Studio Q Publications Manager

Emily Joyce

Studio Q Videography Manager

Hannah Sladics

Studio Q Graphic Design Manager

Jordan Medulan

Studio Q Photography Manager

Mia Haqq

Common Ground Marketing & Events Manager

To Be Hired

Common Ground Administration & Staff Relations Manager

Sophie Preisig

Common Ground Purchasing & Sustainability Manager

Andrew Dam

Walkhome Marketing and Outreach Manager

Jessica Rogers

Foodbank Marketing and Outreach Assistant Manage

Erin Rendell

Foodbank Logistics Assistant Manager

“They listen, advocate, and
I enjoy being involved.”

Get involved with the AMS and make a difference.

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