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Welcome to your Health and Dental plan provided by your AMS!

Important Information about Changes to the Health & Dental Plan! 

On September 1, 2023, the AMS Health & Dental Plan will have a new insurer – Securian Canada. The AMS and Studentcare are working to make the transition a smooth process for you. 

Emails are going out providing specific details on the changes and how they impact you. Including a new way to make claims on the Securian Canada mobile platform, and how to use Pay-Direct at eligible pharmacies and clinics. Watch out for these emails going to your Queen’s account. 

Claims for services incurred on or before Aug. 31, 2023, must be submitted to the old insurer Sun Life using the current process. The deadline to do that is October 31, 2023. If you currently make your claims using the Studentcare mobile app, the app will no longer be available on September 1st. To make a claim you will need to visit Download Centre on the Studentcare website to access forms and mail your claim in. 

More information can be found on the Studentcare website.

The AMS Health and Dental Plans are negotiated yearly for you by your AMS Executive, coordinated by the Vice President of Operations. The plan is provided from StudentCare and offers extremely competitive benefits for all undergraduate students who are members of the AMS and have been assessed the Health and Dental Student Activity Fees. The coverage includes Health, Dental, Vision, and Travel benefits. Your AMS Health plan also provides you Virtual Health Care, a telemedicine service that virtually connects you with nurses and physicians from anywhere in Canada.

In addition, alongside your Health and Dental Plans, the AMS provides access to Empower Me +. “Empower Me + is a program for ALL AMS membership fee paying members, even IF you choose to opt out of the AMS Health Plans. It provides access to virtual therapy and coaching sessions, 24/7 crisis support, multidisciplinary teams, no more phone numbers to call and quick access via mobile or the web applications.

Commencing in September 2023, the AMS is offering to all AMS members access to Gender Affirming Medical Care for students who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. This program has been designed to complement those covered by and benefits covered by provincial health insurance plans and is available to all those members enrolled in the AMS Health Plan. 

Since its inception, the Health and Dental Plans have saved its members millions of dollars and has helped thousands of students. As a full-time undergraduate student at Queen’s University and a member of the AMS, you’re covered by the AMS Health and Dental Plans – unless you choose to opt-out with proof of enrollment in a comparable benefit plan.

For specific plan details, eligible expenses and coverage limits check out StudentCare .

Coverage costs and breakdown for 2023-2024

The full-year coverage costs and breakdown for 2023-2024 (Sept. 1, 2023 to Aug. 31, 2024):

  • Dental plan: $154.50
  • Dental plan admin fee: $5.78
  • Health plan: $162.80
  • Health plan admin fee: $5.78
Coverage costs and breakdown for new Winter Term

The full-year coverage costs and breakdown for the new Winter Term students (Jan. 1 – Aug. 31, 2024):

  • Dental plan: $103.00
  • Dental plan admin fee: $3.85
  • Health plan: $108.53
  • Health plan admin fee: $3.85
Empower Me + Mental Health Resources

Empower Me is a mental health and wellness service that seeks to contribute to a resilient student community by supporting existing on-campus mental health resources. It can connect you with a number of professionals with various domains of expertise, in person or via telephone or videoconference. 

  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Confidential
  • Multilingual 
  • Culturally sensitive 
  • Gender inclusive 
  • Faith inclusive
LGBTQIA2S+ Support – Gender Affirming Care

Coverage for gender-affirming medical care and legal assistance for students diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Gender Affirming Care is available to students that are covered by the AMS Health Plan. 

Virtual Health Care via the Dialogue Application

Virtual Health Care is available to students who are covered by the AMS Health Plan.  This online platform allows you to virtually connect with nurses and physicians via a mobile or web app from anywhere in Canada, free of charge. Wherever you are, health care is always just a tap away, and you never have to wait in line at a clinic.

Forms & Information

For all information regarding the Health and Dental Plan please visit and search Queen’s University (AMS). A complete list of health practitioners covered by the plan can be found here.

Group Name: AMS Health & Dental Plan
Group Number:  Health, vision, and dental – ‘AMS’ and your student number
Travel – 97180 (Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada)

All of this information can be found on the sticker located on the back of a student card. 

Black-Out Period 

Some students may experience a black-out period at the start of the fall term as enrolment data is finalized. If this happens to you, check your SOLUS account to ensure you were assessed the AMS Health and Dental fees. If you have been assessed a fee, hold onto your receipts to file your claims in October. 


StudentCare is there to assist you. Give them a call at 613-776-1005, available Monday – Friday (9 am – 5 pm), if you would like more information, or consult their website at Live chat and web request forms are also available on the website.

AMS is there to assist you if you have not been able to get answers to your questions through StudentCare.


Change of Coverage

Once annually, you may OPT OUT or OPT IN (i.e. Self Enroll) to the AMS Health and Dental Plans, based on certain conditions.

The change of coverage period runs from September 1, 2023, to October 3, 2023, for students starting in September 2023 and from January 2, 2024, to January 31, 2024, for students starting in January 2024.

Opt-out of Health and Dental Plan

You may opt-out of the AMS Health and Dental plans under the condition that you provide proof of having other equivalent plan coverage. 

Once your opt-out is processed, the fees listed on your SOLUS account will be adjusted.

Self Enroll in Health and Dental Plans – Eligible members only

Part-time on-campus AMS-affiliated undergraduate students, students who come to Queen’s on exchange and who pay their home university’s fee, and students on an internship with the Queen’s University Internship Program are not automatically covered by the AMS Health & Dental Plan. They are eligible to enroll themselves by completing an enrollment process and paying the applicable fee during the Change-of-Coverage Period.

To learn more about how to self-enroll, go to and visit the Self Enrolment page.

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