AMS Executive Mid-Year Review

The AMS Executive and their team have been working hard this year to accomplish the initiatives outlined in their platform and beyond. Read more to see what we’ve been doing for the past six months! Common Ground Seating: We conducted a formal capacity check with the aid of the Fire Marshall,...

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Exam Resource: 1st Year Tips

This week we’ve got a special feature from one of the AMS First Year Interns! This post will offer some advice to our first year students. Beginning your first set of university exams can be an intimidating experience, so we thought we would give some advice to try and ease your stress. Below...

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Active Learning Classrooms at Queen’s

It’s difficult, as a student, to conceive of a future for teaching and learning at Queen’s that we may not share in. We have thoughts about what we would like to change, perhaps. Concerns, and wishes, but these are rarely realized for us in the flurry of academics and student life. Those who work...

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Got Grief?

My Experience with the Academic Grievance Centre  I found myself in the third week of classes wondering why I was being penalized with a fee on my student account that wasn’t my fault. Due to complications when receiving permission to take a course at another University I had to navigate a confusing...

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New SOLUS Calendar Subscription

The AMS and Queen’s ITS have been working together to bring you a SOLUS calendar subscription service. This application will let you get your SOLUS calendar on your mobile phone (that supports ActiveSync), outlook calendar, etc. AMS IT Office and the Academic Affairs Commission have worked with...

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What to know going into your first exam

PREPARING Write down your exam building location and the room number from the SOLUS Exam list. Since all of your exams might be in different buildings, it is helpful to have a reminder of where to go for each exam. Pack everything you need the night before so you don’t have to stress about finding...

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5 Need-to-Knows for that Tough Exam

1.    Did you know that you have the right to review your final exam with your instructor present? Once your exam mark has been made available, you are able to request to view your exam in the presence of your instructor. Should you formally appeal your grade, you are also afforded access to your...

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OUSA: What it Does & Your Thoughts

In 1992, the Alma Mater Society recognized a need to be aligned with an external provincial lobby group that would be an effective advocate to the Province. Issues at stake included tuition levels, under-funding and teaching quality. At that time, the AMS was part of the Ontario Federation of Students,...

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The Top Ten Places to Study on Campus

This December exam period marks my seventh set of exams at Queen’s University as a supposedly ‘experienced’ Economics student, and I’ve learned through the years of the unique places on campus to study without being disturbed.  The goal of today, therefore, is to present the top ten places to study...

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Critical Thinking Not Just for Fourth Years

In just a week I will be entering my fourth year as a student at Queen’s University. Fourth year is lauded as the year in which students can finally sink their teeth into critical thinking. They challenge professors in seminars, take advantage of smaller classes to have true discussion, and begin...

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Who’s To Blame For Declining Quality?

I’ve now been involved with student government for three years and am entering my second full-time position as a student advocate. After a year of being the Academic Affairs Commissioner for the Alma Mater Society there is one argument that routinely exasperates me. That argument is that students...

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