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The John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) has always been a communal space for students, offering a multitude of space to catch up with friends; study or read on the couches; attend club meetings or utilize one of the many student services housed in the building. You may have been hearing about a plan to revitalize or renovate the JDUC, but not sure what that really entails or how it impacts you. What you DO need to know is that the AMS is excited to introduce the first draft of a long-term plan for the JDUC to the Queen’s community.

John Deutsch University Centre in the spring.  JDUC windows in the fall

This plan is the result of the hard work of Shoalts and Zaback Architects Ltd., a local architecture firm that has been engaged to present a renewed vision for the building. The draft plan is the culmination of Shoalts and Zaback’s years of experience with Queen’s and the JDUC, presenting a revitalized hub for student life, improving the aesthetic and usability of the space while preserving the historic elements of the building.

Despite the wealth of expertise that contributed to the draft, it is only a starting point. The ideas presented are intended to kickstart a broader conversation with the Queen’s community about the space. What does this mean? The AMS wants to hear from YOU! A number of community consultations have been set up to ensure the users of the space are at the forefront of the plan’s vision.

Starting this week, the AMS will begin meeting with key stakeholders including the Student Life Centre Accessibility Committee, SGPS Council, AMS Assembly and of course students. We encourage you to come out on Wednesday evening from 5pm-7pm in Wallace Hall in the JDUC to see the proposed plan and provide your input! Unable to make it Wednesday night? Come out Tuesday night and Thursday night to SGPS Council and AMS Assembly respectively.

John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC)  Student clubs

The intention of this plan is to provide a long-term vision for the JDUC to guide all future construction projects in the space. The plan will be incorporated into a larger plan for student life space across campus, and will be the driving force behind all updates to the building and surrounding area. Even though funding hasn’t been secured to realize the majority of the plan’s components, the objective of the project is clear. The final plan will be to operate as a guiding document for the JDUC, moving forward with the aim of ensuring all updates and improvements to the space stem from a cohesive student-centered vision.

So what does this mean for the long term?  The plan presents an opportunity to create an optimistic vision for the JDUC as a renewed hub for student life, while incorporating the entire Queen’s community every step of the way. With this student input, as the project unfolds, one thing will be certain: this is a space with incredible history and potential.

Our campus has no deficit of involvement, engagement or community. Long-term planning around the JDUC and student life space in general will make it possible to create the permanent physical home for these activities that students have sought for so many years!

So take the time to come out and have a lasting impact on shaping the University for not only yourself, but generations of students to come. Cha gheill!

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