Breaking Down the AMS Executive Positions

With Winter elections coming up for the new AMS Executive, some of you might be wondering what responsibilities the election dictates and how much power really lies at the core of these decisions. This blog will give you a starting spot to envision your future executive in each of the three respective branches of leadership.

The AMS Executive is elected annually during the Winter term by means of a three person team that comprise the President & CEO, the Vice-President of Operations, and the Vice-President of University Affairs. Together they are responsible for representing the interests of all AMS members and for the day-to-day management of the society.

GB_snow_day-111-Edit Grant and Kingston Halls from Agnes Benidickson Field after fresh snow fall

President and CEO

  • Responsible for external representation of the Society and ultimately accountable for ensuring the fulfillment of the Society’s mandate and mission.
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and has a fiduciary responsibility to oversee the governance of the Society and its $14 million dollar annual budget.
  • Directly oversee the Marketing & Communications Office, Student Centre Office, Human Resources Office and Information and Technology Office.

Vice-President of Operations

  • Responsible for all day-to-day operational and financial matters of the society.
  • Oversee the three directors who in turn oversee the retail, hospitality, safety and media services of the AMS.
  • Administers and facilitates the AMS Health & Dental Plan, Bus-It program and consolidated budget for the Society.

Vice-President of University Affairs

  • Responsible for all Society matters of a political and/or educational nature, research and policy development, internal academic issues, and university administration affairs.
  • Oversee the six commissions: Municipal Affairs, Environment and Sustainability, Internal Affairs, Social Issues, Academic Affairs and Campus Activities .
  • Serves as one of two Queen’s representatives (other being the Academic Affairs Commissioner) on the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) Steering Committee.

The AMS Winter Elections are an important part of the Queen’s tradition of excellence, leadership and unparalleled autonomy relative to any other student association in Canada. Your vote for the incoming leadership positions dictates the ideas and platform of what the student government will do for students in 2015-2016. The three voices of the AMS Executive represent over 16 000 undergraduate students so make your vote count!

Back entrance of Douglas Library at night, in winter.

Voting days are January 27th and 28th. Online polls will open at midnight on the 27th and end at 8:00 p.m. on the 28th. Students are encouraged to actively get informed on the organizations and campaigns.  More information on both, as well as the voting process, will become available via the AMS website.

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