8 8tracks Playlists to Get You Through Exams

Background Sounds Lyrics? No Genres: soundtrack, instrumental, piano, classical Length: 1h 32m (24 songs) What to Expect: Scores from films like Dear John, and instrumental versions of laidback alternative songs. Beautiful Instrumental Music Lyrics? Minimal Genres: soundtrack, instrumental, classical Length:...

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7 Blogs You Have to Follow

Whenever I’m in the mood to procrastinate (essentially the second I open my laptop), I find myself turning more and more to personal blogs. There’s just something about someone sharing their experiences, passions, and creativity that inspires me to pursue my own ambitions. Blogs have become...

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Fall Referendum Statements

Life Beat Newspaper LifeBeat Newspaper is a bi-annual publication which features student submissions related to health and medicine. Our goal is to approach health topics from a variety of educational backgrounds and to present these ideas in the form of articles, artwork and entertainment pieces...

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21 Animals to Relieve Your Exam Stress: Part 2

Exams are stressful, so we’ve put together a (second) collection of cute animal photos & videos to relieve some stress! From cats, to dogs, to goats, here are some adorable stress-relief photos for you to enjoy & share. Want to see the original post again? You can check it out here. Ps. While...

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Queen’s University Announces A New Mascot

Queen’s University and the AMS are proud to announce that after months of deliberation and consultation Queen’s has decided to replace Boohoo the bear as the official mascot! The decision to adopt a new mascot came shortly after university administrators and the AMS were informed that Boohoo was not,...

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Getting Back To Who We Are

Fellow students, We wanted to address some regrettable incidents that have taken place in the past 24 hours, the past week, and throughout the past year. The challenge before us is to ensure that discussions and debates on this campus are conducted in a civilized, respectful and intellectually-driven...

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Incoming Executive: Our Team & Progress So Far

This Sunday, our Executive team for the coming year was made complete, with Nicola Plummer graciously accepting the nomination for Vice-President Operations. Nicola has been humbled by the responsibility and trust placed in her, and all three of us appreciate the outpouring of support from students....

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An FAQ on the Resignation of an AMS Executive Member

Following Peter Green’s resignation as the incoming Vice-President Operations for the AMS, there have been some important and very valid questions asked by students. Below are answers to those questions. For a formal release on this matter, as well as the details on the special Assembly,  click here.  [divider] Q:...

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Valentines Cards for our Inner-Nerds

With Valentine’s day upon us, here are some cute/funny/creative valentines day cards from some big philosophers, historical figures and writers (created by Ben Kling). These are all fun and good, but remember to have a fun but safe valentines day, no matter what you are doing. (for some sexual-health...

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Winter Snowstorm: a Queen’s Reaction

At 3am this morning, the provost’s office made the decision to keep Queen’s open for all business/classes today. This is obviously a good thing, but our disappointment can be expressed nonetheless. Here is a brief (and stereotyped) timeline of typical reactions. Last night when you heard...

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OUSA: What it Does & Your Thoughts

In 1992, the Alma Mater Society recognized a need to be aligned with an external provincial lobby group that would be an effective advocate to the Province. Issues at stake included tuition levels, under-funding and teaching quality. At that time, the AMS was part of the Ontario Federation of Students,...

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#AMSvotes 2013: Everything You Need to Know

VOTING HAS NOW ENDED Voting has now commenced in the AMS Winter Election, with students voting for their AMS Executive, Undergraduate Student Trustee,  student fees and in their respective faculty societies. Here is some info on who is running, how to vote, and why YOUR vote matters! Go to the bottom...

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