Finding the Positives of Cold Weather

I think we all can agree that this onset of winter is far too early and bitter considering we’re only halfway through November! Who has time to dig out their winter wear when venturing into the Arctic tundra that is campus, with all the papers, projects, meetings and studying on the horizon? If last winter taught us anything, it’s that the worst has yet to come BUT hold on: THERE IS HOPE! Despite this chilly welcome to winter, there are some noteworthy positives of this recent cold weather. This blog will provide you with ways to adjust your attitude towards the cold, just long enough to keep you going until the Holidays!

How SATISFYING warm drinks become…

Hot Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, Lattes, Espresso, London Fogs, Chai Tea lattes: whatever your vice is, it definitely tastes better on these cold, brisk days.

Campus turns into a beautiful Winter Wonderland

 Grant Hall in winter. Queen's Campus 

Are we in Kingston or Frozen??

How WARM your bed is, even if your house isn’t!

Though a short term positive, since getting out of bed is that much harder, there’s no better feeling than being warmly nestled while the snow falls outside your window!

Gives you a legit excuse to spend more time in sweats…in public



Unintended improved sense of balance when walking on icy sidewalks


Who needs the ARC? Plus it’s not like you have the time to go anyways..

The snow makes it acceptable to start listening to Holiday music that much earlier if a real reason is ever needed to start early!

You REALLY appreciate those sunny days when they pop up

Winterscape Campus in Winter

Soak up the Vitamin D while you can!

Puppies play in the snow!


Instant. Happiness.

Savouring hot and hearty meals


When in doubt throw yourself into a food coma and dig right into that studying.

 SO, lock yourself in the library, hole up at a coffee shop and layer up because the BEST thing about cold weather is it encourages studying! You’re less likely to drudge out to the bars, go hangout with friends or do anything else that involves venturing into the cold. So really use this weather to focus in on all that’s coming due and you’ll be home for the holidays in no time! Bundle up and stay warm folks,


Students outside Stauffer Library after a snow storm.

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