AMS Executive Mid-Year Review

The AMS Executive and their team have been working hard this year to accomplish the initiatives outlined in their platform and beyond. Read more to see what we’ve been doing for the past six months!

Common Ground Seating:

  • We conducted a formal capacity check with the aid of the Fire Marshall, which determined that there was sufficient room to add an additional 40 seats to Common Ground.
  • The AMS worked on a proposal to install long study tables that had power outlets, and to add additional chairs and roundtables. The total cost of this project was approximately $15,000 and was expensed to the Student Life Centre Facilities Budget.
  • The tables and additional furniture have been ordered, and will be in place within a matter of weeks. We look forward to using the new space with everyone!


Insurance Communication with Clubs & Faculty Societies:

  • We created a brochure and delivered it to all AMS Clubs and Faculty Societies that outlines the specific details of our insurance policy, how to submit a claim, and how to follow the event sanctioning process.
  • Faculty Societies signed agreements that codified the relationship between each Society and the AMS.


Bus Routes:

  • Following a contract re-negotiation during the 2014-2015 school year, we are awaiting data from the City of Kingston regarding the effectiveness of new routes. Since the new contract didn’t formally take effect until September 1st, we will receive it shortly.
  • We intend to explore the feasibility of two options: extending Sunday evening service from the train/bus stations, or additional service to West Campus. These conversations will happen later on in the semester once data is available.


Experiential Credit:

  • Following discussions with the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS), the AMS worked closely with ASUS to create a proposal on the implementation of a pilot program for a Pass/Fail credit.
  • This credit will allow students in the Arts and Science Faculty, the pilot faculty, to enroll in courses that would be marked by the professor as pass or fail. The Experiential Credit is designed with the purpose to encourage students to diversify their course selection and enrol in courses of interest, without the fear of previous academic restraints.


Student Card:

  • We have begun discussions with Bruce Griffiths, the Executive Director of Housing & Ancillary Services to explore the possibility of expanding the versatility of your Queen’s student card.
  • There are associated costs and preliminary conversations between vendors and Queen’s have indicated a lack of desire on the behalf of vendors to pursue the strategy.
  • We intend to continue the dialogue throughout the year, and narrow the focus to AMS services.


Financial Transparency & Accountability:

  • The entire Consolidated Budget was complete in August, which has left ample time to craft a strategy on the release of financial information to students.
  • Following the approval of Assembly, we intend to post financial information on the AMS website so that students have access to the same information we do.


New AMS Website:

  • The re-designed AMS website went live in early September. This was a massive project, as every single page on the site required changes and updates. We are very thankful for the hard work of our Officers and Permanent Staff members for helping accomplish this objective.
  • We are very excited about the new website, as it provides clear pathways for students to obtain the information that matters to them.

ReUnion Street Festival:

  • This is the second year of operation for the ReUnion Street Festival, which took place on the Saturday night of Homecoming and was bigger and better than ever!
  • The Festival included food trucks, merchandise booths, live entertainment, a licensed area, and plenty of opportunities to connect with alumni.
  • Thank you to the ReUnion Street Festival Coordinator and AMS Advancement Officer, who have been dedicated to ensuring that this was a safe and enjoyable event for all since the start of their terms.


JDUC Revitalization:

  • Renovations to all of the washrooms in the JDUC began on Monday, October 26th.
  • The three revitalization projects are proceeding to tender, and we are expecting construction to begin in 2016. These projects have transitioned through many years of teams, and we want to ensure the shovel hits the pavements in our term in recognition of everyone’s hard work past and present.

Scramble Crossing:

  • As many of you are now aware, the crossing at University and Union has a new scramble crossing feature! This feature was initiated and developed by the City of Kingston and the AMS Municipal Affairs Commissioner.
  • This has effectively put pedestrians as a priority on campus and helps to facilitate the flow of traffic between classes and to reduce illegal crossing.
  • A few safety tips to remember – the scramble feature happens on every third light change, when scramble is not in effect pedestrians must follow the safe walk signals, cyclists must dismount when using the scramble feature, and the intersection does not permit vehicle right turns on red lights.

Non-Academic Misconduct:

  • As consultation surrounding the student Non-Academic Discipline system begins, we will strive to ensure that student well-being and involvement are prioritized. As well, we firmly believe that any new system should not hinder efforts to facilitate positive cultural shifts at Queen’s by continuing to utilize the principles of restorative justice.

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Effective May 1 2022 our new address is (Lasalle) 146 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2V8

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