8 8tracks Playlists to Get You Through Exams

Background Sounds
Lyrics? No
Genres: soundtrack, instrumental, piano, classical
Length: 1h 32m (24 songs)
What to Expect: Scores from films like Dear John, and instrumental versions of laidback alternative songs.

Beautiful Instrumental Music
Lyrics? Minimal
Genres: soundtrack, instrumental, classical
Length: 4h 15m (63 songs)
What to Expect: Scores from films such as Up, Shutter Island, and Lord of the Rings

Musique Conematographique
Lyrics? No
Genres: movie scores, instrumental
Length: 1h 22m (20 songs)
What to Expect: A compilation of film soundtracks, including the works of composers such as Hans Zimmer and Thomas Newman

Take Your Vitamins
Lyrics? No
Genres: covers, strings, instrumental
Length: 1h 45m (27 songs)
What to Expect: Vitamin String Quartet’s covers of popular songs like “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and “Pocketful of Sunshine”

Instrumental Covers
Lyrics? No
Genres: instrumental, piano, strings classical
Length: 1h 41m (27 songs)
What to Expect: Piano covers of hits like “Somebody that I Used to Know”, “Rolling in the Deep”, and “Cough Syrup”

Late Night Study Sessions
Lyrics? No
Genres: covers, piano, instrumental
Length: 47 min (12 songs)
What to Expect: Piano and strings covers of songs by artists like The Weeknd, U2, and Daft Punk.

Piano Perfection
Lyrics? No
covers, piano, instrumental
Length: 1h 26min (21 tracks)
What to Expect: Piano covers of popular songs including Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, The Beatles, Adele, Florence + The Machine, Muse, Taylor Swift and more.

99 Songs To Make Your Homework Better
Lyrics? Yes
Genres: indie pop, indie rock, alternative
Length: 6h 6min (99 tracks)
What to Expect: Upbeat background music for studying or homework from artists like Mika, Broken Social Scene, and Vampire Weekend.

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