5 Need-to-Knows for that Tough Exam

1.    Did you know that you have the right to review your final exam with your instructor present?

Once your exam mark has been made available, you are able to request to view your exam in the presence of your instructor. Should you formally appeal your grade, you are also afforded access to your final examination paper.

2.     Did you know that there are 4 levels of appeal available to you should you feel your final grade is unfair?

Appeals begin at the level of the instructor, and proceed through the relevant Faculty office to an appeals board – with student representation – within the Faculty. The final level of appeal is the University Student Appeal Board, a central body that receives appeals from across the university. Throughout the entirety of the process, the student has the right representation should they feel it is required, and must be heard by an unbiased party.

3.    Did you know that it is possible to remove grades from your transcript?

It is possible to remove a grade from your transcript, through an appeals process, should you feel you feel the assessment was unjust.

4.    Did you know that you can appeal your final grade up to 21 days after you have received it?

For each level of appeal outlined in Question 2, the student has 21 days to file an appeal. In extenuating circumstances, this 21 day limit may also be appealed.

5.    Did you know that examinations cannot be scheduled between the end of classes and the first official day of exams?

The pre-exam study period exists each semester between the end of classes and the first official day of exams. During this period, major tests or examinations may not be scheduled.

Want to know more?

The Academic Grievance Centre is a peer-administered support and advising service from the AMS, run by student volunteers trained to assist you with issues of an academic nature. Come visit us in Room 26 of the JDUC next to the Peer Support Centre, or email us at .

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