7 Blogs You Have to Follow

Whenever I’m in the mood to procrastinate (essentially the second I open my laptop), I find myself turning more and more to personal blogs. There’s just something about someone sharing their experiences, passions, and creativity that inspires me to pursue my own ambitions. Blogs have become an excellent way to connect with others and the world around us: kind of like art projects for grown ups. Because of this, I wanted to focus on some awesome student run blogs that I’ve seen lately. All of these blogs reinforce that we have some major talent brewing on Queen’s Campus.

#1: The Designers Daughter

Run by the lovely Katy Maclachlan, this blog is an epicenter of creativity. Dedicated to her mom, the blog features recipes, style inspiration, DIY crafts, inspiring photos, and interviews with other young creative types. It is clear that Katy has a passion for life that spills out into her blog – I dare you to visit and not leave feeling inspired.

#2: evn etc

In a University world dominated by sweatpants and Uggs, it’s refreshing to see a blog focused on bringing stylish ensembles back to campus. With the perfect mix of casual and luxe, Emilie Nolan breaks down the elements of her impeccable personal style and inspired me to put the Uggs away, at least a couple times a week.

#3: Rach Speed

Rachel Spencer Wong’s blog is a fashion, lifestyle, and DIY blog written with a sunny and optimistic disposition. This blog lacks any pretension: the posts are written as if you’re receiving tips from your best friend. A great choice if you’re looking for a creative pick-me-up.

#4: The Donut Shop

You may have heard of DJ Otis Grey, famous in Kingston for his wicked Throwback playlists. Together with five other music enthusiasts, he brings us The Donut Shop – an online hub of great music. Contrary to other music blogs, The Donut Shop offers not only the new and hot but also the tried and true, stating, “New or old, every post will be your new favourite song”. I have an entire new playlist on my computer to confirm this statement.

#5: Muse Magazine

Muse is an arts, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle magazine here at Queen’s. Think NYLON magazine as inspiration: there are tons of thought provoking and witty articles mixed in with fashion and beauty advice. I also love the focus on culture and entertainment here in Kingston: highly recommended if you’re looking to expand outside of the Queen’s hub. Look to Muse as one of the best places to check out original student content and get inspired.

#6: Ethical Eats

Members of Oxfam at Queen’s post new entries on food-related topics every week. With a large focus on both sustainable, locally-grown food and global food security issues.

#7: Hello Veggy

After becoming vegan just under a year ago, Suzanne has created this blog to showcase her passion for delicious vegan and gluten-free food!

If you have a blog, email us so we can showcase your talent and share it with other students!

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