What you should be for Halloween this year based on your Faculty

by Danielle Barish, Deputy Brand Manager

Every year, the National Retail Federation releases a list of the year’s most popular costumes, and it’s expected that Halloween spending will reach a record $9.1 Billion according to their annual survey! At Queen’s, Halloweekend is a fun chance to be someone else besides yourself for a change! So we’ve narrowed down costume ideas for each faculty here at Queen’s, so instead of stressing out over your outfit for this year, why not let your faculty decide!

  1. Arts and Science

A Classic Costume

To be basic or not to be basic: that is the question. For you ArtSci, we’re going with the classics. Since you guys represent the majority of students here, we thought we would give you the most basic common and well-known costume ideas! Being a witch or a cat are not as overdone as you may think depending on how you dress it up. Are you going to go as a Hogwarts student or a Hocus Pocus type of witch? A cat or The Three Blind Mice?

  1. Con-Ed

Group Costume

We get it guys, you’re all literally inseparable, really close and super happy. Like all the time. You have your own campus and an insane amount of cheers, which is why a group costume is perfect for you. With your highly developed planning, teaching, and creative skills, we know you’ll organize a spirited #squadcostume. Maybe try going as the Ashley’s from Recess, The Three Little Pigs, or even The Breakfast Club squad!

  1. Engineering

The Main Character from a Hit Series

Eng kids are known for their determination and leadership skills! They love to take charge and are bossy natural born leaders! So, whether it’s Khaleesi, Jim Halpert or TJ Detweiler, you’re going to want to lead your squad this Halloween! Although you could always stick to what you know, dye yourself purple, pimp out your hair and go as a scary FREC leader!

  1. Nursing


Okay so this may seem obvious but you guys actually graduate with a job so we thought it would be nice to try on someone else’s uniform for once! I mean you could just roll out of bed in your nursing outfits, but variety is the spice of life! Go out as a cop, fireman/woman or maybe a racecar driver!

  1. Commerce

The Way Too Elaborate Costume

Let’s get real, commerce kids have had their Halloween costume planned for months now because it has to be bigger and better than anyone else’s. You’re going to probably spend too much time, money and energy into this but that’s who you are. You put 110% into everything you do, and that’s what separates you (and your classes) from the rest of us. Rock Halloween as a character from Riverdale, the band Kiss, or even Game of Thrones characters!

  1. Computer Science

Too Smart and Witty For Your Own Good

I can already see it. You guys are going to think of something super smart, meta and introspective that nobody will get, but you’ll think it’s cool and that’s all that matters anyways! Just know now that 95% of people straight up won’t get it, so please be prepared to explain it to absolutely everyone. Try out being a Freudian Slip, cereal killer, or Plato/Play-Doh this Halloween!


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