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Hi everyone, my name is Victoria Lewarne and I am the Commissioner of Academic Affairs for the 2017-18 term! The purpose of the Academic Affairs Commission (AAC) is to ensure the maintenance of the quality, and financial accessibility of a Queen’s education. Thus, it is my responsibility to advocate on behalf of students to the University and the provincial government in order to ensure that the student academic experience at Queen’s remains unrivaled.

Over the course of my term, I will aim to improve the undergraduate student experience. The advancement of these interests is largely related to the internal aspects of my portfolio. For instance, the Student Faculty Relations Committee (SFRC), which aims to facilitate positive relationships between students and their professors, will be hosting an “Undergraduate Research Crawl.” This will allow students to visit a variety of research labs on campus, as well as receive personal anecdotes from students currently undergoing a research or innovation project.

The financial interest of students is an issue that remains close to my heart. This goal is realized through my involvement in a variety of committees, some of which work to support the transition to open educational resources and textbooks. This is in the hopes that the rising costs of textbooks can be offset through the digitization movement. This issue is further being addressed through lobbying efforts aimed at the provincial government.

Externally, Queen’s lobbies the provincial government through the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA). This group is comprised of a variety of universities across Ontario. As members of the Steering Committee, we lobby the government on issues specific to post-secondary education. Thus, throughout the year I will be advocating on behalf of the Ontario undergraduate student population, making sure your needs in the post-secondary education sector are addressed.

This is truly only the beginning of my plans for what I foresee to be the greatest year ahead. Regardless of faculty, passion, or program, what all students may agree upon is that the academic and student experience at Queen’s remains unrivaled. It is the role of the AAC to maintain this quality of education, as well as provide students with new opportunities for innovation. So should you ever find yourself wishing to talk academics, provincial advocacy, or anything of the like, please do not hesitate to stop by JDUC 053!

Victoria Lewarne is Commissioner

of Academic Affairs in the AMS


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