AMS Services Work with Students for Students to Provide OSAP Relief

For the month of October, the Alma Mater Society (AMS) and Students for Students (SFS) will be working on several initiatives across the AMS in order to raise money for the SFS OSAP Bursary. The service managers and staff of the AMS have been collaborating closely over the past few months in order to put the infrastructure of the AMS to work on the task of relieving some of the financial stress caused by the recent OSAP cuts.

Tricolour Outlet will be selling limited edition t-shirts, Walkhome will be raffling off a Walkhome branded Fitbit, and the Peer Support Centre will be selling new “Conversation Starter” clothing. All proceeds from these sales and initiatives will be going towards the bursary established by Students For Students. At the Common Ground, $1 from every specially branded cookie will go towards the bursary, $1 from every Falafel Sandwich sold at the Queen’s Pub will go towards the bursary, the Printing & Copying Centre will be selling limited edition recycled notebooks in which all proceeds will be donated to the bursary, and 50% of sales from Queen’s Student Constable Duffle Bags will be going towards the Students For Students Bursary. The Student Life Centre will also be offering its advertising space in the JDUC and the Queen’s Centre to help promote Students For Students and their work. Studio Q will also be producing a video to help promote the bursary and the various AMS and SFS initiatives currently underway.  The Queen’s Journal will also be donating free advertising space on their website to promote Students for Students.

“The AMS services are the primary way students interact with the AMS as they play a significant and relevant role in student lives. Initiatives like these show why the services have become a cornerstone of the Queen’s student experience.” said Jessica Dahanayake, Vice President Operations. “Thousands of Queen’s students everyday print at the P&CC, eat at QP, or have a coffee at Cogro, these places are a part of our lives. The AMS and our services just want to do all we can to remove these barriers and ensure the Queen’s experience is available to everyone.”

President Auston Pierce, who began speaking with the leaders of Students For Students about this project in June, said that the service managers and staff of the AMS have been “invaluable” in supporting both students and keeping campus life vibrant. “Without the ideas, passion, and work ethic of our service managers and staff, we wouldn’t be able to do nearly as much to help support this bursary or our peers. I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve had the chance to work with each and every one of them and to see their intense drive and desire to make a difference. Our campus is a better place because of them”.

Vice President University Operations William Greene concurred with Pierce, “Its really inspiring to see everyone in the AMS and across campus rally together to support one another in a time like this. These cuts have impacted a lot of us, it important we stand together and keep doing whatever we can to help”.

Queen’s General Bursary applications close October 31st. Students seeking financial aid can find out more on how to apply for the General Bursary at


Please direct all media inquiries to Brendan Robson, AMS Director of Communications, at  or (613) 533-6000 x 75850



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