Students Unite For Climate Demonstration

Today from noon until 2PM the students, faculty, and staff of Queen’s University will have the opportunity to take part in the climate strike that has been organised by Queen’s Backing Action in Climate Change (QBACC) and Divest Queen’s at the intersection of University and Union. We at the AMS would like to thank everyone for using their voice as an instrument for change and we encourage anyone on campus who is passionate about climate change to join your classmates.

“Especially now as we go to the ballot box for the upcoming election, I think it’s more important than ever that climate change be made a front-line issue,” AMS President Auston Pierce said. “All Canadians have a part to play in tackling this problem, but in the end, it’s going to be us and our children that deal with its most devastating effects.”

The climate strike at Queen’s will be one of thousands taking place across the world. AMS Vice-President (University Affairs) Will Greene said: “I think the amount of global action today has been great. It really goes to show that millions and millions of people are waking up to the fact that a healthy planet is not something we can take for granted anymore. It’s really encouraging to see, and we hope that our leaders recognize these efforts and take the correct actions so we can move towards change.”

AMS Vice-President (Operations) Jess Dahanayake said: “It’s encouraging to see how united and passionate many students are about this issue. It’s even more encouraging to know that in only a few decades time many of these individuals will be the leaders of Canada, politically and economically. I have faith that strikes like this one organised by QBACC and Divest Queen’s show that this is not going to be a minor issue for Canada’s young people. This is a vital issue that must be addressed in October. When it comes to climate change, every election matters.”


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