2018-2019 Government and Corporate Manager Hiring

March 22, 2018

KINGSTON, ON – Hiring of the 2018-2019 Government and Corporate management teams for the Alma Mater Society (AMS) has concluded. The Executive-elect (Miguel Martinez, Liam Tharp, and Munro Watters) are happy to announce the following hiring decisions:

Secretariat: Bronwyn Woolhouse, ArtSci ’19 
Judicial Affairs Manager: Brandon Tyrell, ArtSci ’18
Brand Manager: James Morden, ArtSci ’19
Marketing Research Manager: Chauntae De Gannes, ArtSci ’20
Talent Acquisition Manager: Becca Dann, ArtSci ’19 
Food Bank Manager: Stewart Langley, ArtSci ’19
Equity Affairs Manager: Rebecca Nguyen, ConEd ’18
Peer Support Centre Manager: Mia Berloni, ArtSci ’19
Assistant Director of Clubs: Ewan Harris, ArtSci ’20
Housing Resource Centre Manager: Nick Thompson, ArtSci ’19
Operations Analysts: Amey Zhang, ArtSci ’19 and Mitchell Kingston, ArtSci ’19

Common Ground Coffeehouse
Head Manager: Jasmine Meikle, ArtSci ’18
Human Resources Manager: Gretha Conrads, ArtSci ’19
Food Purchasing Manager: Emily Fenech, ArtSci, ’18
Food Purchasing & Facilities Manager: Ananya Chakraborty, ArtSci ’20
Food Purchasing & Catering Manager: Cassandra Littlewood, ArtSci ’19
Marketing Manager: Lindsay Bousada, ArtSci ’18
Events & Promotion: Laura Rubino, ArtSci ’19

Publishing & Copy Centre
Head Manager: Haley Kenna, ArtSci ’18
Human Resources Manager: Jordan Green, ArtSci ’19
Marketing Resources Manager: Megan Saul, ArtSci ’18

Queen’s Student Constables
Head Manager: Taylor Clarke, ArtSci ’18
Human Resources Manager: Madeleine Dunn, ArtSci ’19

Student Life Centre
Operations & Sustainability Manager: Andriantsoa Asoh Ajesam, ArtSci ’19
Human Resources Manager: Rana Soyak, ArtSci ’18
Reservations Coordinator: Mira Toutounji, Sci ’19

Studio Q
Head Manager: Evelyn Da Silva, Con-Ed ’19
Photography Manager: Sydney Yang, ArtSci ’18
Publications Manager: Maja Tomic, ArtSci ’19
Graphic Design Manager: Charlotte Crook, ArtSci ’19
Business Manager: Karen Clement, ArtSci ’18

The AMS Pub Services (TAPS)
Head Manager: Nakita Hayes, Nakita Hayes, ArtSci ’19
Human Resources Manager: Tia Wilson, ArtSci ’19
Purchasing and Food Manager: Pamela Phan, ArtSci ’19
Purchasing and Liquor Manager: Vanessa Thompson, ArtSci ’18
Marketing Manager: Zheng Yi Ong, Comm ’19

Tricolour Outlet
Head Manager: Jodie Sloan, Fine Arts ’19
Marketing & Events Manager: Taylor Vardy, ArtSci ’18
Human Resources & Travel Manager: Rachel Wilson, ConEd ’20
Clothing and Purchasing Manager: Gillian Frezell, ArtSci ’19
Used Books & School Supplies Manager: Nicole Langfield, ArtSci ’19

Head Manager: Matthew Rowland, Con Ed ’18
Human Resources Manager: Jaspar Bienzle, Sci ’19

“We’ve had an exceptional hiring period and we’re proud to have built a team of motivated student leaders. We are beyond excited to work alongside the incoming management team, and continue to improve the student experience together.” – Miguel Martinez (Incoming AMS President), Liam Tharp (Incoming Vice-President of Operations) and Munro Watters (Incoming Vice-President of University Affairs).


Please direct all media inquiries to Craig Draeger, Director of Communications, at or (613) 533-6000 x 75850


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