2016 AMS Executive and Rector Election Results

January 31, 2013

KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society (AMS) congratulates Tyler Lively, Dave Walker, and Carolyn Thompson (Team LWT) on their election as the 2016-2017 AMS Executive and Cam Yung on his election as University Rector.

In the first round of the AMS Executive elections, Team LWT received 45.6% (2996) of the vote, Team CSG received 45.2% (2968) of the vote, and none of the above received 9.2% (601) of the vote. In the second round, the preferences of the none-of-the-above voters were re-distributed and Team LWT won with 50.3% (3180) of the vote and Team CSG received 49.7% (3139) of the vote 246 of the redistributed ballots were considered spoiled for not selecting alternative preferences.

Cam Yung won on the third ballot with 58.4% (3694) and Julia Fulton came in second place with 42.6% (2641).

Quick Facts

  • Polls were open from midnight on January 26th to 8pm on January 27th.
  • Voter turnout for the AMS Executive election and referendum was 44.3% (7512).
  • Voter turnout for the Rector election was 36.4% (7703).
  • This is the highest voter turnout since the 1991 AMS Executive election and winter referendum.
  • The incoming AMS Executive will begin the hiring process for 2016-2017 AMS senior staff on Thursday, February 4th.


“We were very impressed by the showing of each team and candidate. Running a campaign is no easy feat and we were happy to see that each individual conducted themselves with dignity.” – Kanivanan Chinniah, President

“Tyler, Dave, and Carolyn have a lot of work ahead of them and we look forward to beginning the transition process.” – Kyle Beaudry, Vice President (Operations)

“Overall, we’re thrilled that the campaign period has brought issues affecting Queen’s students into the spotlight. This type of deliberative process is exactly what we need to enhance the student experience.” – Sarah Letersky, Vice President (University Affairs)

“I’m very excited to see such a high voter turnout as well as an impressive level of engagement. I hope this to be a continuing trend over the years to come.” – Jon Wiseman, Commissioner of Internal Affairs

This post has been updated to no longer include spoiled ballots as part of the percentage count for the AMS Executive election. It previously listed the percentages as 50.3% for Team LWT, 47.7% for Team CSG, with spoiled ballots constituting 3.3%.

Please direct all media inquiries to Jessamine Luck, AMS Marketing & Communications Officer, at  or (613) 533-6000 x 75850.


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