10 More Reasons to Submit your Application Today

Council (full-time salaried positions) applications are due today at 4pm! If you’re still on the fence about applying, we wanted to give you a few more reasons to encourage you to submit your application for one (or more!) of these positions. Any one of these individuals would love to talk to you more about what they do before your interview and we highly recommend you reach out to them.

1. “The experience is like no other. You’re collaborating with professionals who have 20+ years of experience in their respective fields, yet will treat you as one of their own.” – Matt Kussin, Municipal Affairs Commissioner

2.“You’ll have the opportunity to gain practical skills facilitating sponsorship and fundraising efforts, and explore new potentials for meaningful AMS alumni engagement. It is a challenging task, yet has been a critical piece of my personal development.” – Taylor Jennings, Advancement Officer

3.”This is an incredible experience few people our age are afforded. I wake up every morning excited to go to work because I know I have the chance to give back to the school and community that has given me so much.” – Peter Liberty, Commission of Environmental Affairs

4. “I’ve loved learning how to balance and work with students who have so many different interests.  As CIA, you work with students from all AMS societies.  Balancing the interests of all Faculty Societies with your plans going forward, and the betterment of the student population is key to succeeding in the position.” – Jon Wiseman, Commissioner of Internal Affairs

5. “The relationships that I’ve built this year have been incredibly meaningful and rewarding. Through working in the Offices as well as with different groups across campus, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet quite a few of my friends if I hadn’t applied!”- Jessamine Luck, Marketing and Communications Officer

6. “Having the opportunity to work with students on academic issues to lobby both Queen’s University and the provincial government has given me a very unique perspective of the University and the challenges we will be facing, as students, in the future.” – Tyler Lively, Academic Affairs Commissioner

7. “Working as the Human Resources Officer, I am able to meet with students and make the AMS an accessible and fun place to work for everyone at Queen’s. I’ve had the opportunity to work on challenging issues and collaborate with my colleagues to come up with solutions.”- Mackenzie Jackson, Human Resources Officer

8.“ The Student Life Centre is one of the most unique places to work. You will get the opportunity to work with clubs, University offices, the SGPS, and AMS services. The decisions you will make will affect students 10 years from now, it is truly an encompassing and fulfilling position.”- Nirali Patel, Student Life Centre Managing Director

9.”This position has changed the way that I view myself as a student, as a leader, and ultimately as a person. It has clarified my passions and given me the tools and autonomy to make a difference. I come out of this experience with a changed perspective of what I am capable of accomplishing and the kind of future I intend to pursue.” – Alex Chung, Social Issues Commissioner

10. “This job is all about enriching the Queen’s student experience. You get to be a part of creating so many once in a lifetime experiences that students will remember long past their time at Queen’s. Plus you get to work with some of the most passionate and dedicated people that you’ll ever meet!” – Danielle Kimmerly, Campus Activities Commissioner

Head over to myAMS.org/apply to submit your application by 4pm today! 

 Don’t forget to contact the individuals who currently hold the position you want to apply for before your interview.

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