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Welcome to the AMS Blog! Throughout the school year you’ll find a variety of blogs written by various AMS staff who are passionate about numerous issues and want to share their work with you! We hope that you have had a great first week of classes and that you enjoy this post which updates you on what we have been working on this summer.

Miguel Martinez

AMS President

This summer has been an amazing experience. Working with the entire AMS team has been an incredible opportunity, and I look forward to what this year holds in store for us. Orientation week was such a remarkable week and we are so excited to have students back on campus – it was way too quiet without you all.

As AMS President, I work with all student leaders on campus to represent the 18,000 undergraduate, MBA, and Medical students to the University Administration, the Senate, and the Board of Trustees. This year, I have had the opportunity to represent students on the Principal Search Committee.

This past summer, my team and I have been working closely with the Office of the Rector to understand our alcohol culture and to develop a training that will equip students with an understanding of our culture as well as with skills to assist peers in environments where alcohol may be a factor.  As we continue working on this training we will be working with healthcare and subject matter professionals to roll the program out.

We have also been working on preparing an engagement process with students on the future of the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC). This semester, the chosen architect will be holding consultation sessions with students to understand what it is that students want from their student life centre. We look forward to engaging with you in this process!

As always, my door is always open to you and if there is ever anything that I can do for you – please do not hesitate to reach out or stop by the AMS offices!

Contact:; 613-533-6000 ext. 32726

Munro Watters

AMS Vice-President (University Affairs)

This summer has been a blast, from meetings in Toronto to day to day operations in the AMS, I have spent my summer working to enhance the student experience through the 275+ ratified clubs and the various commissions I oversee.

Together with the Campus Activities Commission and the Orientation Roundtable, I worked hard to finalize various aspects of Orientation Week. From meeting city officials to meeting with the Department of Student Affairs.

Additionally, I have been working on the Sustainability Action Fund Granting process. Meanwhile equally working to ensure the volunteer experience at the AMS is as good and inclusive as it possibly can be! One of my personal goals is to ensure all volunteers recognize that they are an integral part of our school community and we couldn’t do what we do, without them.

I also work closely with OUSA (Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance) on policies and as a member of the Steering Committee. This year, the amazing Commissioner of Academic Affairs is the Vice President of Administration and Human Resources at OUSA – so that has been incredible to work with her in that new position!

Contact: ; 613-533-6000 ext. 32729

Liam Tharp

AMS Vice-President (Operations)

Hi everyone! The past few months have been full of phenomenal learning experiences, and a lot of progress for all the AMS corporate services! All of the services have been working very hard, and many have gone above and beyond to improve quality and make renovations. Here are a few accomplishments that I want to highlight:

The Printing & Copying Centre has gone through a massive renovation and has many new machines! This means that all your printing needs will be met more efficiently and with better quality than before.

The Tricolour Outlet renovated their store and now have brand new merchandise in. There are new sweaters and old favourites, so come grab something before homecoming!

Common Ground has a new coffee machine! This means espresso drinks year-round with no delays, so look forward to having all your caffeine cravings met.

The Walkhome app is finally here and is up and ready for action! So, make sure to check it out for all your walking needs.

Over the summer we were also able to begin a re-vamp of the Event Sanctioning System, which should hopefully be rolled out by the end of September! This latest development will make it as easy as possible to have fun and awesome events on campus!

The summer was a great period for learning all the ins and outs of the AMS, and I’m excited to use all that I learned to make your AMS experience the best it possibly can be!

Contact: ; 613-533-6000 ext. 32728


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