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Are you looking to get involved next year? When you think about the upcoming year, you start to realize that it might be fun to find a way to get connected to your school that goes a little more in depth than simply visiting the ARC. Whether you’re interested in social issues, marketing, or are just trying to find your place amidst all the tricolour, the AMS will provide to you a volunteer experience that will be fun, rewarding, and ultimately a highlight of your time here at Queen’s.

As there are multiple commissions to get involved with, We’ve broken them down into different interests and skill sets to help you get a better grasp on which commissions will interest you the most.

You thrive on bringing people together for something you’re passionate about, be it sports, politics, or a charitable event. You love opportunities that allow you to meet likeminded people, and enjoy planning and coordinating sociable events.

You should check out the Campus Activities Commission.

You are passionate about the way your school is run, and you believe a good relationship between faculty and students is the key to a successful University.

You should check out the Academic Affairs Commission.

There’s nothing that irks you more than someone littering right in front of you. You are passionate about environmental issues and it is important to you that your school is as well.

You should check out the Commission of the Environment and Sustainability.

You like to be behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly. Fairness and integrity are important to you.

You should check out the Commission of Internal Affairs.

 To you, Queen’s is part of a greater community. You are passionate about reaching out to this community and strengthening it through charitable work.

You should check out the Municipal Affairs Commission.

You are ardent about finding solutions to social issues. You believe that Queen’s becomes a better environment when all students are accepted and accommodated for.

You should check out the Social Issues Commission.

You are a lover of all things media, whether it is print, television or social media. You are creative and want to share your opinions with others.

You should check out the AMS Media Services.

You want to get a job and you want to work with other students. You have a busy schedule with school, so you really want your managers to support you and understand where you’re coming from.

You should check out the AMS Hospitality, Safety and Retail Services.

If you have any questions, drop by the AMS offices (Lower Ceilidh of the JDUC), and talk to those who are currently working and volunteering!

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