Inside the Campus Activities Commission

The AMS prides itself in its volunteer activity that works to help make the Queen’s community feel like a home away from home. The Campus Activities Commission is a commission that is heavily volunteer-based. Without its volunteer reserve, the commission wouldn’t be as successful as it is in providing Queen’s students with so many amazing events and conferences!

When I started at Queen’s I had no idea that many of the events that were marketed to students ran out of the AMS until I started to get involve with our student government. I think that it’s really easy to be unaware of the ways that our AMS affects your everyday Queen’s life because much of the society’s work goes undetected. Have you heard of Queen’s Model Court? Queen’s Model United Nations? How about Queen’s Model Parliament and the Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference? These conferences all fall within the CAC and many of them are as old as 70 years! In addition to the conferences, the Campus Activities Commission runs events like QPOP! and even organizes Orientation Week! How cool is that?!

Throughout my time at Queen’s, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of Queen’s Model Parliament as well as the Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference and I can honestly say that they have changed what I thought my university experience would look like in the most positive way! If you are looking to get involved in a less demanding way than a club or student society, conferences are the right way to go. Queen’s Media and Journalism Conference is the last one to be held this year and is taking place on April 1st and 2nd. If you’re interested in media, social media, blogging, reporting and even writing or journalism then this is right up your alley! The conference brings in a host of media presences to host workshops, give keynotes and social network; last year they even brought in one of the producers from the Rick Mercer Report and had a clip of Rick Mercer talking to delegates up on the big screen! It’s a nice change of pace from your academics and is a really great way to meet new people and acquire new skills! Registration is now open, so it’s not too late to get involved!

Written by Lily Harris, Marketing Deputy, ArtSci ’17


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