I Wanna Pay Love to Queen’s Clubs

Let’s talk Clubs at Queen’s. We’ve got a rich assortment of Clubs on campus that all add an immeasurable contribution to the Queen’s community. With well over 200 different clubs, there’s clubs to meet the interests of just about anybody. Whether you’re looking for politics, religion, advocacy, education, community outreach or something just for fun, AMS clubs has you covered.

How extensive is the Queen’s club network? Well, I’ll put it in perspective. Of all the university colleges in North America, Queen’s has the second most clubs per capita next only to Harvard. Pretty impressive, I would say. This propensity for engaging in clubs has promoted a healthy out of classroom experience for thousands of students. Queen’s as an institution prides itself on the out of class experience, and clubs are a driving force behind this.

Each year to help some of these clubs, the AMS has allotted a specific fund designed to provide targeted grants to organizations in need. This grant is open to all AMS-affiliated student clubs, except those directly associated with registered Canadian political parties or external companies (not including Queen’s-associated charitable organizations).

The main idea behind these grants is providing financial help to groups who contribute so much to campus life. This is important. Some groups depend solely on this funding and can make small grants go a long way.

If you’re a club leader reading this thinking, “Holy cow, my club sure could do a lot with a grant,” then you’re in luck! Applications are due November 4th. You can pick one up from the AMS front desk. If you have any questions, be sure to contact myself or Craig Draeger, the AMS Clubs Manager, at .

I’m excited to see the applications that come through this year. Last year grants funded outreach projects, new equipment, and guest speakers, to name a few examples. I look forward to seeing what creative proposals our clubs submit this year!

Mark Preston
Commissioner of Internal Affairs (2011-12)


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