7 Things you should know when applying for an AMS Salaried Job

So you’re interested in working for the AMS? Check out the 7 tips below to submit the best application possible and get ready for the interview!

1. GO TO THE INFO SESSIONS— Monday January 18 and Thursday January 28. Learn more about the different positions available and meet current salaried staff!Girl talking about going to get a job


2. You should DEFINITELY talk to the person who currently holds the position(s) you’re interested in applying for. Check out the AMS contact list!Man talking to woman about texting


3. Talk to the incoming supervisor of the position you want to apply for and other people listed as ‘useful contacts‘ on the application.goodbye_michael_scott


4. Your references can be anybody who can accurately comment on your suitability for the position you are applying for. (So they don’t need to be a previous employer!)Baby on phone


5. Don’t be alarmed if your interview consists of three or more panelists!
Men wearing tuxedos sitting on a couch


6. Interviews are usually made up of the incoming supervisor(s), as well as other AMS salaried and permanent staff. Don’t be intimidated, they will love your ideas. Woman giving thumbs up to somebody


7. If you have any questions about the application or interview process contact


Go for it! In the words of Michael Scott (Wayne Gretzky)



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