FOUR Amazing Reasons Why You Should Vote!

by: Anmol Saxena

So you might have heard people talking about the 2018 AMS Winter Election and Referendum or maybe seen a Facebook post, but what IS it? You get to pick the new AMS President, Vice President of Operations and Vice President of University Affairs, as well as who will be the new Queen’s Rector for the next 2 years and where the money from YOUR student fees is going to go!

1.It’s Your Right!

You as a student of Queens have the right to have a great school experience. Voting for the candidates you believe in, is that first big step towards that dream. At Queen’s we are one big family that supports one another through thick or thin. And you are a part of this astounding family. As we all know, family helps family, so vote to help your family grow and flourish.

2.Money, Money, Money.

For everyone who goes to Metro on Tuesday and Thursdays just to get that 10% student discount or who uses their free drink at Starbucks on a Venti drink with extra wiped cream and every flavour shot imaginable, why don’t you do the same with your student fees? It’s your opportunity to choose how they are spent. What clubs are important to you? What services can you not live without?

3.Every single vote counts!

In the 2015 AMS Winter election the final vote tally was a difference ofless than 50 votesLess than 50 Queen’s Students got to choose the new AMS Executive! These are the people responsible for running all the services you love most, CoGro, the Underground, P&CC, Walkhome, and so much more.  Your vote can be the tipping point! You have the power to decide how you want your school to run!

4.It Takes 30 seconds.

You can cast your vote in less than one minute! You can easily log onto on you laptop or phone anytime on January 29th or January 30th  to vote.



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