Clubs x Foodbank Community Initiative

 Goal: To work together as the clubs community to help reduce food insecurity and improve community relations while creating health competition.

How to participate: 

If you would like to add a box to collect donations at your club event, follow the steps below while completing the AMS Events Planning and Approvals Form!

*The foodbank will connect with your club for box drop off/pick up*

Requests for the boxes are on page 6 of the form along with other AMS Services – please provide any necessary details for the Foodbank management team (Ex., basic event details)

Details for AMS Ratified Clubs: 

  • Donation boxes were dropped off at ALL club Offices/Spaces on January 15th, 2024.
  • Both clubs and non-club members are eligible to participate/donate!
  • Any collection will be noted by Foodbank/Club staff during space audits
  • Non-perishables are collected by the Foodbank; no extra reporting is required!
  • All details for the initiative can be found in a letter + infographic left with the boxes on the 15th


Ratified clubs can compete to collect the most eligible food donations through the outlined methods.

Competition week – February 12th-16th, 2024 (Drop off on the 16th & 17th @ the Foodbank)


  1. $150 t0 the winning Club
  2. $75 Club Pizza Party (with Pizza Pizza)
  3. 1 Week free TV ads for Club Promotion with the SLC

How to:

We Accept:

  • Unopened
  • Non-expired (best before is ok)

We do not accept:

  • Homemade food/home-canned food
  • Opened food products
  • Spoiled food products
  • Alcohol


  • Canned fruits
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned chickpeas and beans
  • Tomato paste
  • Snacks (granola bars, apple sauce, dried fruit, nuts)
  • Instant meals
  • Hygiene items (body soap, laundry detergent pods, menstrual products)
  • Baking products/spices, condiments

If you have any questions about the AMS Foodbank X Clubs Food Drive, please email with questions about donating or with questions regarding donation drop off.


Effective May 1 2022 our new address is (Lasalle) 146 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2V8

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