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Every time you grab a chai latte from Cogro for your 8:30am class, catch up with friends over a plate of nachos at QP, buy a bus ticket from Tricolour Outlet, or print an essay at P&CC you spent all night working on, your dollars are going right to your classmates and friends here at Queen’s. Every...

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14 Valentine’s Day Tips

Whether you’re trying to plan the perfect date, snacks for your floormates, or a night of pajamas and Netflix, here are our 14 tips for making February 14 lovely! Get yourself in the mood for the day with some classic and current love songs. Check out iTunes’ Valentine’s Day 50 Tracks for some...

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4 Olympic Themed Foods #AMSnoms

Whether you’re throwing an Olympic themed party or watching with friends and family, consider making one of these Olympic themed treats to get yourself in the spirit! #1: Olympic Ring Themed Snacks These are an easy and fun way to add a bit of spirit into your snacks. This is great for University...

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Best Spots to Study

If lately you’ve been feeling a sense of dread approaching the towers of Stauffer, you’re not alone. Day after day of studying in the same environment can get a bit depressing – and we know, switching to Douglas doesn’t really help matters much. If you need a little change...

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About the Undergraduate Student Trustee

As my first semester as Undergraduate Student Trustee draws to a close, I can’t help but have noticed that the most common question I get asked is: “What do you do? What’s the Undergraduate Student Trustee? And for that matter, what’s the Board?” Given how important these matters are to Queen’s, I...

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What to know going into your first exam

PREPARING Write down your exam building location and the room number from the SOLUS Exam list. Since all of your exams might be in different buildings, it is helpful to have a reminder of where to go for each exam. Pack everything you need the night before so you don’t have to stress about finding...

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8 8tracks Playlists to Get You Through Exams

Background Sounds Lyrics? No Genres: soundtrack, instrumental, piano, classical Length: 1h 32m (24 songs) What to Expect: Scores from films like Dear John, and instrumental versions of laidback alternative songs. Beautiful Instrumental Music Lyrics? Minimal Genres: soundtrack, instrumental, classical Length:...

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Fall Referendum Statements

Life Beat Newspaper LifeBeat Newspaper is a bi-annual publication which features student submissions related to health and medicine. Our goal is to approach health topics from a variety of educational backgrounds and to present these ideas in the form of articles, artwork and entertainment pieces...

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