A Tea-Lover’s Guide!

If you’re like the rest of the Queen’s population, you’ve probably been holed up in Stauffer or Douglas with your books and computer. One of the most universally accepted aids for the studying process is grabbing a hot beverage. While coffee seems the obvious choice for late nights, tea offers you multiple benefits without the intense crash and burn that happens after that third cup of joe. Below, you’ll find a list of teas that will help you with all of your studying woes, whether they be that you need some caffeine, or to get to sleep for your exam the next day, or you want some brain boosting antioxidants!

Black Tea:
Flavor: Strong, slightly bitter
Health Benefits: Delivers an antioxidant boost, helps lower blood pressure
Caffeine Level: High

White Tea:
Flavor: Light, subtle
Health Benefits: Helps reduce cold symptoms
Caffeine Level: Low

Green Tea:
Flavor: Clean, sweet, earthy
Health Benefits: Gives lots of energy, helps burn fat, high level of antioxidants
Caffeine Level: High

Flavor: Light, herbal
Health Benefits: Aids in sleeping, suppresses pain
Caffeine Level: Low

Flavor: Minty!
Health Benefits: Helps ease indigestion and cramps
Caffeine Level: Medium

Flavor: Light and slightly spicy
Health Benefits: Eases nausea and aids digestion
Caffeine Level: Low

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