AMS Increases Mental Health Support

April 17th, 2020 

Kingston, ON- Effective September 1st, 2020, the AMS will be increasing the Psychologist/Social Worker/Psychotherapist coverage of the AMS Health and Dental plan from $750 (100% per visit) to $1000 per year (100% per visit).  

Addressing the mental health crisis on post-secondary campuses has served as a chief priority for the AMS. Following the introduction of EmpowerMe and the PSCxCARED partnership earlier this year, we are now taking these new steps to further reduce financial barriers that currently bar our peers from accessing mental health supports within our community.  

We recognize the pronounced effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the wellbeing of students and understand that some mental health supports can be prohibitively expensive for many of our peers. In light of this, we are substantially increasing our coverage with no changes in the cost of the plan or any additional charges to our peers.  

“Finances should never be a barrier to receiving adequate support for mental health. Our hope is that this change enables more of our peers reach out and get the help they need, without worrying about the cost,” said AMS President Auston Pierce.  

With this change, the AMS now offers one of the premier student health and dental plans in the country, and we would like to thank StudentCare for their support in making this progress possible. 

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Ananya Chakraborty, Director of Communications at


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