2019-2020 Government and Corporate Managers Hired

Tuesday, March 26th 

The Alma Mater Society has concluded head manager hiring for AMS services. The AMS is pleased to announce the following decisions:


Brand Manager – Sarah Obonsawin (3rd year, Commerce)

Marketing Research Manager – Ewan Harris (3rd year, Global Development)

Talent Acquisition Manager – Olivia Stanton (2nd year, History)

Chief Electoral Officer – Grace Baxter (2nd year, DEVS and Economics)

Housing Resource Manager – Amanda Kivlichan (3rd year, Commerce)

Judicial Affairs Manager – Emma Ilyaz (3rd year, Psychology)

Food Bank Manager – Max Moloney (3rd year, Life Sciences)


Printing & Copy Centre

Head Manager – Jordan Greene (4th year, Geography)

Purchasing Manager – Matthew Panetta (3rd year, Engineering Chemistry)

Production Manager – Jose Bordas (4th year, Drama)

Marketing Manager – Shania Jagnandan (4th year, Biology)

Supervisors – Abigail Kearney (3rd year, Life Sciences), Shelly Gelman (3rd year, Chemistry), Smaranda Popescu (3rd year, Con-ed), Chloe Dean-Moore (2nd year, Biology)

Queen’s Student Constables

Head Manager – Parker Quast (4th year, Biochemical Engineering)

Logistics Manager – Lashaanii Sutharsan (4th year, Biology)

Human Resources – Danielle Sawula (4th year, Biology)

Tricolour Outlet

Head Manager – Nicole Langfield (4th year, Political Studies)

Purchasing and Online Manager – Laura Mazzonna (3rd year, Political Studies)

Travel and Used Books Manager – Michaela Valente (4th year, Kinesiology)

Marketing Supervisor – Paige Smith (3rd year, Political Studies)

Common Ground

Head Manager – Gretha Conrads (4th year, Psychology)

Marketing and Events Manager – Jamie Fournier (4th year, Psychology & CIB)

Purchasing and Catering Manager – Ellie Maclennan (4th year, Psychology)

Supervisors – Kaylee O’Meara (3rd year, DEVS and Political Studies), Erin Casey (3rd year, Life Sciences), Abby Skene (3rd year, Drama), Mia Berloni (4th year, Environmental Science), Kelvin Wu (3rd year, Life Sciences), Charlotte Galvani (3rd year, DEVS and Political Studies), Robin Gray (3rd year, Sociology), Reilly Budgen (3rd year, Health Studies), Emily Thompson (3rd year, Political Studies)

Student Life Centre

Head Manager – Andry Asoh (4th year, Computer Science)

Human Resources and Marketing Manager – Niyousha Saeidi (3rd year, Computer Science)

Operations Manager – Liam Gellatly (4th year, History)


Head Manager – Keshan Surendran (4th year, Psychology)

Graphic Design Manager – Kassandra Greenhalgh (2nd year, Commerce)

Video Manager – Matthew O’Brien (4th year, Sociology)

Photography Manager – Rajdeep Brar (4th year, Computer Science)

Publications Manager – Jessica Brender (2nd year, Psychology & Art History)

Broadcast Manager – Irena Dunjic (3rd year, Computer Science)


Head Manager – Evan Gage (3rd year, Physics)

Purchasing Manager – Henry Ludlow (3rd year, Kinesiology)

Marketing and Events Manager – Navita Sehgal (4th year, French)

Supervisors – Hannah Stewart (3rd year, Political Studies & French), Zoe Waldick (3rd year, Global Development), Julia Gollner (4th year, Political Studies), Katie Pegg (3rd year, Math & Environmental Studies), Hannah Brennen (3rd year, Math & Physics), Ben Inness (3rd year, Politics, Philosophy & Economics), Laura Schwartz (3rd year, Global Development), Riley Tilson (3rd year, History)

Peer Support Centre

Head Manager – Andie Rexdiemer (3rd year, Global Development)

Outreach Assistant Manager – Laine Ingratta (4th year, Biology)

Human Resources Manager – Alex Nagy

Marketing Manager – Rahul Patel

Supervisors – Sam Connolly (3rd year, Physics), Anika Chowdhury (2nd year, Astrophysics), John Mamatis (3rd year, Life Sciences), Reem Toubache (4th year, Biopsychology), Peter Mendolia (3rd year, Kinseology), Andrew Leung (5th year, Chemical Engineering), Prishni Seyone (3rd year, History), Gwynn Magnan (3rd year, Global Development & Sociology)


Head Manager – Bilal Shaikh (5th year, Biology)

Supervisors – Maggie Leon (3rd year, History), Itamar Kofman (2nd year, Religious Studies), Georgia Hacker (3rd year, Life Science), Jordan Peterzon (3rd year, Geology), Eve Garrison (3rd year, Con-Ed)


Please direct all media inquiries to Rachael Heleniak, AMS Director of Communications, at or (613) 533-6000 x 75850


Alma Mater Society (AMS) – http://www.myams.org

The central undergraduate student government at Queen’s University, the AMS represents over 17,750 students and is the oldest student government in Canada. There are over 1,000 student volunteers and 800 paid staff.


Effective May 1 2022 our new address is (Lasalle) 146 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2V8

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