KINGSTON, ON – The AMS Annual General Meeting is set to take place on March 5th, 2018.  All members of the AMS (students who have paid their full slate of mandatory AMS student fees) are allowed to attend, and those who attend are afforded a vote and a voice.  All members:

  • May be present at any Society Annual Meeting or Society Special General Meeting
  • Speak to any motion under consideration
  • Move or second motions
  • Exercise their voting privileges

Motions can be placed on the agenda by contacting Neil Sengupta, AMS Secretary at .  All motions must abide by the following:

  • There is a mover and a seconder who are both Society members; and
  • The motion with mover and seconder is submitted to the Secretary on or before the seventh day before the day of the meeting (February 26th)
  • A determination has not been made that the passage of the motion would constitute an egregious violation of the Mission or Operating Statements of the Society; a violation of law; a violation of contractual, financial, or other obligations undertaken by the Society; or the Student Code of Conduct. Such determination must be made unanimously by the Speaker, the AMS President, and AMS Secretary.


Please direct all questions to Neil Sengupta, AMS Secretary, at


Alma Mater Society (AMS) –

The central undergraduate student government at Queen’s University, the AMS represents over 17,000 students and is the oldest student government in Canada. It has over 1,000 student volunteers and 700 paid staff.