2016-2017 Government and Assistant Managers

March 6, 2016

KINGSTON, ON – Hiring for the 2016-2017 Government and Assistant Managers for the Alma Mater Society (AMS) has concluded. After receiving 81 applications, the Executive-elect, Tyler Lively, Dave Walker, and Carolyn Thompson are pleased to announce the following hiring decisions:

Secretariat: Miguel Martinez, ArtSci ‘19
Judicial Affairs Director: Ryan Pistorius, ArtSci ‘16
Brand Coordinator: Emma McCarten, ArtSci ‘17
Marketing Research Coordinator: Katie Saychuk, Comm ‘17
Talent Acquisition Manager: Stephanie Cramer, Sci ‘16
ReUnion Street Coordinator: Emily Rowell, ConEd ‘16
Food Bank Director: Cole Smith, ArtSci ‘17
Peer Support Centre Director: Mariana Paz Soldan, ArtSci ‘17
SMART Head Manager: John Gardiner, ArtSci ‘17
Clubs Head Manager: Grace Kim, ArtSci ‘16

Common Ground Coffeehouse
Human Resources Manager: Morgan McCrimmon, ConEd ‘17
Food Purchasing Manager: Marni Langer, PheKin ‘16
Food Purchasing & Catering Manager: Julie Kennedy, ArtSci ‘17
Marketing Manager: Madeleine Malone, ArtSci ‘16
Events & Promotion Manager: Emma Sincerbox, ConEd ‘16
Facilities Manager: Roos Schut, ArtSci ‘16

Publishing & Copy Centre
Marketing Manager: Darcy Ritchie, ArtSci ‘16
Human Resources Manager: Robin Nicholson, ArtSci ‘17
Purchasing and Production Manager: Eric Sanders, ArtSci ‘17

Queen’s Student Constables
Human Resources Manager: Stephanie Nijhuis, ArtSci ‘17

Student Life Centre
Human Resources Manager: Katherine Kennedy, ArtSci ‘19

Studio Q
Photography Manager: Calvin Fujimoto-Cassidy, ArtSci ‘16
Publications Manager: Laura Buehler, ConEd ‘16
Graphic Design Manager: Avesta Rastan, ArtSci ‘17
Business Manager: Sterling Mitchell, Sci ‘16

The AMS Pub Services (TAPS)
Human Resources Manager: Eva Kapnoudhis, ArtSci ‘16
Facilities Manager: John Lapp, PheKin ‘16
Food Purchasing Manager (8-month): Emma Gandy, ArtSci ‘16
Food Purchasing Manager (12-month): Julia Fulton, ArtSci ‘16
Marketing Manager: Ailsa Crook, ArtSci ‘17
Events Manager: Josh Burtney Sci ‘16
Liquor Purchasing Manager: Pat Schoening, Comm ‘18

Tricolour Outlet
Marketing & Events Manager: Kelsey Harrison, ArtSci ‘17
Human Resources & Travel Manager: Shannon Gamoff, ConEd ‘16
Purchasing Manager: David Litwin, ArtSci ‘18
Used Books & School Supplies Manager: Chelsea Hollidge, ArtSci ‘17

Human Resources Manager: Sarah Dickson, ArtSci ‘17

“On behalf of myself, Dave, Carolyn, and the rest of our team we were very impressed with the caliber and number of applicants this year. We have all been truly inspired by the passion students have for the AMS and Queen’s and we have every confidence in our team going into next year.” – Tyler Lively, President-elect

Please direct all media inquiries to Jessamine Luck, AMS Marketing & Communications Officer, at  or (613) 533-6000 x 75850.


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The central undergraduate student government at Queen’s University, the AMS represents over 14,200 students and is the oldest student government in Canada. The constituency is represented through 12 faculty and residence societies. The AMS Council, which is made up of a three-person executive, six commissioners, and three directors, oversees all day-to-day activities within the Society, including 14 corporate services and various government committees that address virtually all matters of student life at Queen’s.


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