2016-2017 AMS Executive Team Hiring

February 9, 2016

KINGSTON, ON – Hiring for the AMS Executive’s team of 2016-2017 has concluded. After reviewing 64 applications and two rounds of interviews, the AMS Executive-Elect (Tyler Lively, David Walker and Carolyn Thompson) are excited to announce the following hiring decisions:

Commissioner of Academic Affairs: Leah Brockie, Con Ed ‘17
Commissioner of Campus Activities: Greg Kurcin, ArtSci ’16
Commissioner of Environmental Affairs: Liam Dowling, Con Ed ‘18
Commissioner of Municipal Affairs: Francis Campbell, ArtSci ‘17
Commissioner of Social Issues: Leandra Keren, Comm ‘17
Director of Hospitality and Safety Services: Brandon Kim, ArtSci ‘16
Director of Media Services: Max Garcia, CompSci ‘17
Director of Retail Services: Leo Burns Scully, PheKin ‘16
Managing Director of the Student Life Centre: Sam Anderson, Sci ‘17
Director of Advancement: Caitlin McKeen, ArtSci ‘16
Director of Communications: Bianca Balazic, ArtSci ‘17
Director of Human Resources: Emma Jones, ArtSci ‘16
Director of Information Technology: Michael Judd, CompSci ‘17

The hiring of the 2016-2017 service and government managers will be announced after Reading Week.

“We received an outstanding quantity and quality of diverse applications this year. Dave, Carolyn, and I have the utmost confidence in our team to take on the challenges ahead and we’re all excited to get started.” – Tyler Lively, President-Elect

Please direct all media inquiries to Jessamine Luck, AMS Marketing & Communications Officer, at or (613) 533-6000 x 75850


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The central undergraduate student government at Queen’s University, the AMS represents over 16,000 students and is the oldest student government in Canada. The constituency is represented through 10 faculty and residence societies. The AMS Council, which is made up of a three-person executive, six commissioners, and three directors, oversees all day-to-day activities within the Society, including 10 corporate services and over 50 government committees that address virtually all matters of student life at Queen’s.


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