CFRC To Go Up for Referendum Again

February 6th, 2020

Kingston, ON – Following a 52.7% vote against the question “Do you agree to a change in CFRC’s fee of $8.22 from individual opt out to mandatory collection for the next three years?”, CFRC lodged an appeal due to the lack of clarity of the question. Many students believed that if the CFRC fee lost this referendum it would remain as an optional fee. This was not the case and was not communicated clearly. 

Due to a lack of communication between the AMS Elections team and CFRC, the CFRC Referendum question did not follow the expected question format and was unfairly biased against CFRC. The CEO ruled that due to the issues related to their question, CFRC will go up for referendum again during the March Trustee By-election. 

The question will read as the following: 

“Do you agree to the continuation of CFRC 101.9 FM’s optional fee of $ 8.22. This fee was originally established in 1976 and last went to referendum in 2016.” 

Please direct all media inquiries to Ananya Chakraborty, AMS Director of Communications, at  or (613) 533-6000 x 75850 


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