Hiring Szn 2019

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Hiring season is among us and the AMS, as well as several Faculty Societies, all have so many opportunities awaiting for all Queen’s students! Did you know the AMS is Canada’s oldest and most advanced student government, and it offers incredible experiences that relate to many different unique interests and passions. From mental health awareness, to working with the City of Kingston, to helping with Reunion Street Festival to organizing conferences such as Queen’s Model Parliament, the AMS truly offer initiatives and opportunities for everyone.

Me personally? I started in the AMS as a first year intern under the Campus Activities Commission (CAC). This allowed me to learn more about the overall structure of the AMS, and encouraged me to learn more about what opportunities I could pursue once my first year was completed. This led me to then work as an External Advocacy Coordinator under the Academic Affairs Commission (AAC)  in my second year, which introduced me to the role of the AAC as a commission which works largely to lobby the Provincial Government on behalf of students on the topic of various student issues. My interest for student advocacy was sparked here, which inspired me to continue to work under the AAC and apply for the brand new Provincial Advocacy Committee Co-Chair position this year. My experience working with the topic of student issues under the AMS also led to me to become passionate about the topic of mental health and wellness – which inspired me to also apply to work as a volunteer for the Mental Health Awareness Committee. I absolutely adored my time working at CommonGround which led me to want to work with people, so I applied to be the Deputy Brand Manager within the Communications Office. In short, these experiences have truly shaped my experience and I could not recommend getting involved enough to all of you! Getting involved in any capacity may shape your experience!

From volunteer positions under each office and commission, to co-chair and deputy and even senior management roles – there is a spot for every Queen’s student in the AMS. The opportunities I have been offered under the AMS have truly shaped my undergrad experience thus far, and I could not be more thankful for those that I have worked with and the initiatives I been able to work on. Regardless of interest or passion, there are opportunities for everyone and I could not recommend applying enough!

I guess my main point today would be to encourage people to apply to any – and every- thing!! You can venture out into several offices and commissions and try what you like best. You can learn different skills and tools you can apply to jobs in ~the real world~. With 70+ salaried positions to 800 + waged positions to thousands of volunteer positions, there is something for you. Don’t forget, the AMS is an equal opportunity employer! You don’t need to have a resume or cover letter for the majority of positions, and the interviews are designed to assess skills and not prior job experiences.

It’s never too late (or too early!) to get involved and stay engaged with your queen’s campus. Student Government and the Services are a fantastic opportunity for all!

If you have any questions about hiring, feel free to reach out to Rebecca Dann, .


Chayce Perkins is a Third Year Political Studies Student. She has been involved with the AMS since her first year in 2016, and has recently been elected as the President of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS). 



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