2023 AMS Fall Referendum Results

November 4, 2023  KINGSTON, ON – Below are the results of the 2023 Fall Referendum held amongst AMS members. AMS voter turnout was 10.1%.   Referenda Policy Section 12 (a) states voter turnout of 10.1% requires 60% or higher according to the sliding scale.  Do you agree to an increase in the COR fee...

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Response to ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine

We remain heavy-hearted and sorrowful as we watch the ongoing violence occurring in Israel and Palestine. The world is witnessing the tragic loss of countless innocent lives and human atrocities. The campuses of Queen’s University and our communities must remain vigilant and safe spaces for all students....

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To the Attention of Queen’s Students

On behalf of the Alma Mater Society, we would like to make you aware of some recent changes in enforcement strategies from the Kingston Police that are disproportionately impacting students within the Student District. We urge you to read this post carefully, in its entirety, and to let those around...

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AMS Statement Regarding ASUS Orientation Social

On August 28th, the AMS was made aware of an incident that occurred at an ASUS Orientation Leader social. The external performer demonstrated inappropriate behavior and made racially and culturally insensitive comments. The AMS condemns all acts of racism and are profoundly disappointed that this...

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AMS 2023-2024 Senior Management Team Hired!

July 5, 2023 KINGSTON, ON – After several weeks of reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and careful deliberations, Kate McCuaig, Michelle Hudson, and Victoria Mills have completed their hiring for the 2023-2024 AMS Senior Management. Team KMV is excited to announce the following decisions:   President:...

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The AMS Consolidated Operating Statement

April 11, 2023 KINGSTON, ON – Each spring, the AMS Vice President of Operations presents the AMS Consolidated Operating Statement up to the end of February as part of the CGAM. Please see the materials below. The AMS Conslidated FS Feb 2023 Should you have any questions, please email the Vice...

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Menstrual Product Accessibility Initiative

March 15, 2023 KINGSTON, ON – The AMS is thrilled to reintroduce our Menstrual Product Accessibility Initiative.  We hope that by providing menstrual products, folks within the Queen’s community will be able to feel a sense of security in menstrual product accessibility. This initiative...

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2023 AMS Winter Referendum Results

February 7, 2023 KINGSTON, ON – Below are the results of the 2023 Winter Referendum held amongst AMS members. AMS voter turnout was 17.0%.    Do you agree to the establishment of a $0.15 fee (subject to individual opt-out) to support Exhibit Change?  Yes: 1689 (61.4%)    No: 1063 (38.6%)    Total...

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2023 AMS Elections Results

February 7, 2023 KINGSTON, ON – The AMS Elections team would like to thank all of those who participated and voted in the 2023 Winter Election season. As of 9:00pm February 7th, 2023, the polls for the AMS Executive Election and the Undergraduate Trustee election have concluded. AMS voter turnout...

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The AMS Consolidated Budget

December 7, 2022 KINGSTON, ON – Every year the AMS Vice President of Operations prepares the consolidated budget approved by the AMS Board of Directors which is comprised of three operating branches of the AMS: Offices, Services, and Commissions. The consolidated budget offers a financial understanding...

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Team ETC Platform (Summer Review)

October 7, 2022 KINGSTON, ON – As a team committed to continuous improvement and fulfillment of our platform goals and values, Team ETC is releasing an updated platform. We hope that with an updated platform we are able to engage students with the projects we have worked on, and the initiatives/goals...

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