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Queen's Student Constables

QSCThe Queen's Student Constables is a peer to peer security service that embodies the unique idea of students being responsible for students. The Queen’s Student Constables are made up of Queen’s students, just like you, who wish to make a difference in the Queen’s Community.

Queen’s Student Constables work to keep everyone safe by upholding the AMS and universities rules and regulations at sanctioned events and venues around campus. As students, Student Constables understand that everyone wants to have a good time, but need to do so in a safe environment.

Holding an event at Queen’s?

If your faculty, club or group is planning to hold an event that involves students of the AMS, you must:

Sanctioning an event is not only required by the AMS constitution, but it removes you from any personal liability and ensures that you will not be prosecuted for any possible incidents that are outside of your control.

You will receive notification of whether or not your event has been sanctioned as well as informed of how many Constables have been assigned to attend it, when they will arrive and work until, and what their specific duties will be.

Interested in becoming a Student Constable?