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Housing Services

AMS Services

Municipal Affairs Commission

613.533.6000 ext. 75178-
The MAC is the branch of your student government that exists to defend your rights and provide information about living in Kingston. For general advice from a student perspective, call, email, or visit anytime!

Housing Grievance Centre

613-533-6000 ext. 75663 -
The HGC is a volunteer-run service of the Municipal Affairs Commission. We are trained in peer lease-reading, and can advise you on tenant rights in terms of rent deposits, rent increases, privacy, property standards, subletting, and more.

Student Property Assessment and Dwelling Education Team (SPADE)

613.533.6000 ext. 75178-
This AMS service provides free property inspections by trained students who can help determine if you should call the city inspectors.

Student Maintenance and Resource Team (SMART)

613.533.6000 ext 75178 -
SMART performs a free-of-charge clean-up and beautification service to students living in the University District.  The service also provides contract work for landlords in the District. SMART can be contracted to regularly cut grass, rake leaves, and perform minor exterior property maintenance (repair fences, decks, etc).

Commission of the Environment and Sustainability (CES)

613.533.6000 ext. 78259-
Looking to live more sustainably? Check out the CES for AMS, university and community resources to do so!


613.533.6000 ext. 75663-
Greenovations is a program run out of the CES that provides students with free house visits and information about how to make housing more environmentally friendly.

University Services

Queen’s Community Housing


Queen’s University International Centre

613-533-2604 -
Looking for a roommate? Think International! Sublet to an international student - post vacant rooms with the Queen's University International Centre free of charge

Queen’s Legal Aid


QLA provides free legal advice to students. Law students give advice about subletting, or assigning your lease, and they can represent your disputes with your landlord

Queen’s Town-Gown Relations Office

Be it leases or landlords, housemates or heating bills, Joan Jones provides confidential advice to students in areas of community and housing.

Student Safety Website
This website has tons of information about living in the community.  It focuses around four main pillars: Safety at Home, Safety on Campus, Safety Online, and Personal Safety.  I would highly recommend at least skimming through the table of contents so that if you have questions in the future, you know where to look.  If you have a specific concern, this website will likely address it.

Community Services

City of Kingston

613.546.000 -
Contact the City for general information on bussing, garbage, bylaws, and utilities

Kingston Fire and Rescue


Kingston Police (non-emergency)


Kingston Property Standards Office

613.546.4291 ext. 4291-
This city office can arrange a free inspection of your apartment within a few business days, and its inspectors have the power to issue your landlord a work order.

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