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Congratulations to Team JDL

February 01, 2012

The Alma Mater Society (AMS) congratulates Doug Johnson, Mira Dineen and Tristan Lee (Team JDL) on their election as the 2012-2013 AMS Executive. Team JDL received 60.24% of the vote in the first round of voting.

“Each of the teams presented some great ideas to move the AMS forward,” says AMS President Morgan Campbell. “Students chose the executive team that spoke to them.”

The voter turnout this election was 33.78%, an increase on last year's voter turnout of 24.85%.

“The enthusiasm that each of the teams showed was inspiring,” says AMS Vice-President (University Affairs) Kieran Slobodin. “We commend all the teams on their hard work and their dedication to engaging students.”

The new executive team will begin the hiring process for 2012-2013 AMS staff on Monday.

“Doug, Mira, and Tristan have a lot of work ahead of them,” says AMS Vice-President (Operations) Ashley Eagan. “We’re delighted to be welcoming next year’s team and look forward to helping them learn and feel comfortable their roles.”

Information on full-time, part-time and volunteer positions available next year can be found at  Applications for AMS Council are due on February 6th, with other positions being due through February and March.