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AMS moving forward with University on coroner’s recommendations

May 31, 2011


KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society (AMS) will continue to work closely with the Queen’s University administration to address student safety and wellness on campus in light of recommendations from Regional Supervising Coroner Dr. Roger Skinner relating to the deaths of Cameron Bruce and Habib Khan.

Both first year students, their lives were tragically cut short last year in separate fatal accidental falls. They have remained in our thoughts and will continue to do so as we take further steps to do everything we can to ensure that these tragedies are not repeated.

The Coroner’s recommendations can be read in full on the Queen’s News Centre website. The AMS is committed to assisting the University administration as they move forward on the recommendations and will continue to include students in this process.

AMS President & CEO Morgan Campbell is optimistic about the progress that has been made over the last few months, “Dean of Student Affairs John Pierce has been committed throughout this process to student input guiding the university’s initiatives to improve student safety and well-being on campus.”

The AMS will continue to critically assess and improve its own efforts to improve student safety and wellness. Alcohol abuse is an acknowledged problem within North American universities, and we are committed to a peer movement to discourage alcohol abuse. We will continue to address this issue as students, for students, in a way that encourages harm reduction and inclusivity. This includes peer-on-peer monitoring of alcohol use in campus pubs through our staff training and through Queen’s Student Constables, who are fully trained and licensed to deal with alcohol-related incidents.

The AMS will also continue to be heavily involved in the Alcohol Working Group, which is part of a health and wellness model launched by Student Affairs in January. AMS administrators of Non-Academic Discipline in particular are collaborating with University administration in this working group to conduct a campus-wide review of alcohol policy.

Update: AMS President Morgan Campbell has also issued a response to the recommendations following today's events.


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