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Agreements reached: Updates on labour negotiations

August 27, 2011

UPDATE August 29th: The Queen's Board of Trustees has approved the agreement with QUFA. More details at the Queen's News Centre.

UPDATE August 27th: QUFA membership ratified their agreement today with 90% approval from members. More details at the Queen's News Centre and the Queen's Journal.

UPDATE August 18th: CUPE and the University have ratified their collective agreement. More information and details on the agreement can be found at the Queen's News Centre.

UPDATE August 15th: QUFA has accepted the offer put forward this morning, pending ratification by the QUFA Membership. More details at the Queen's News Centre.

UPDATE August 15th: Talks between Queen's and QUFA have been adjourned to allow consideration of the current offer. Although today they can legally lockout or strike, neither side has yet chosen to do so. More details are not yet available, but when they are you can read more at the Queen's News Centre.

UPDATE August 6th: CUPE and Queen's have reached a tentative agreement. Read more at the Queen's News Centre. We'll continue to keep you updated about the ongoing negotiations with QUFA.


Currently there are ongoing negotiations between the university administration and two unions on campus: The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA).   The two unions are currently at different stages in the negotiation process, as outlined below.

CUPE: The Canadian Union of Public Employees represents three groupings of staff at Queen’s largely composed of Physical Plant Services staff (but not managers), library and lab technicians, totalling approximately 450 staff.

For the past year the university has been in negotiations with CUPE.  Earlier this month the university applied for a “No Board Report,” a step in the negotiation that signifies that the university believes no further progress can be made at that phase in the negotiations.  This sets into motion a 17 day deadline that once passed makes legal a strike or lockout, but does not guarantee a labour disruption.  Further, mandatory mediation occurs while waiting for this deadline to expire.  That deadline, allowing for a legal strike or lockout, passed at midnight this morning, but both parties agreed to extend the deadline to August 8th at 12:01am.  Negotiations will continue until this time, at which point the parties will either reach an agreement, extend the deadline, or a labour disruption will occur.

QUFA: The Queen's University Faculty Association represents approximately 1200 faculty members consisting of teaching adjuncts, tenured and tenure-track professors, librarians and archivists.
QUFA's Collective Bargaining Agreement expired earlier this year and they have been in negotiations with the University for the majority of the summer.  The University recently appealed for a “No Board Report” indicating they do not believe negotiations can progress at this level of labour talks.  That No Board Report was filed effective July 29th. It signifies a seventeen day period in which mandatory mediation must occur, after which (as of August 15th at 12:01am) the University will be in a legal lock out position and QUFA will have the legal right to strike.

What does this mean to you as a student?

There is a potential that labour disruption on campus this summer starting as early as August 8th.  Currently, there is no plan to change or push back move-in dates, Orientation Week, or the start of classes. As such, there are also no plans to delay tuition, student activity and residence fees. Please make payment plans for the year as normal.

As students the Alma Mater Society encourages you to stay informed. You may find the following websites of use:

Queen's University Labour News: http://
QUFA Job Action Readiness:
The Queen’s Journal also has ongoing coverage of negotations:

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In the event of a labour disruption, AMS services and operations will continue to operate as normal. The AMS respects the labour negotiation process and remains neutral throughout the process.

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