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Full-Time Opportunities

For important tips on writing cover letters, resumes, proposals, and general infomation on applying for full-time jobs in the AMS click here.

Working full-time in the AMS as a Commissioner, Director, Officer, or Manager is a great opportunity to put your strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills to use. The AMS defines full-time paid positions as those with a time commitment of 25-40 hours per week. Both 8 month and 12 month full-time positions are available as indicated below. The out-of-classroom experience that you will gain from working for the AMS will enhance not only your own Queen's experience, but the experiences of others who will be impacted by your contributions.

It is not required for applicants to have any related experience for these full-time positions, although they will be asked to relate the experience they do have to the position they are applying for. Absolutely no prior AMS experience is required. Ultimately, the AMS wants to employ hard-working and enthusiastic people to make a difference in the Queen's community.

Positions Available

Hiring of full-time staff takes place in February and March of each year. We offer both 12-month (May-April) and some 8-month (September-April) positions. The AMS strives for 100% turnover in all positions each year and students who do not have previous experience in a full-time position are given preference over those who have worked full-time for the AMS previously.

Application Deadlines:

For all Job Descriptions and Deadlines, click here.

Applications will be made available on the online application system two weeks prior to each deadline.

AMS Full-Time Opportunities Guide, 2013 (2014 Update Coming in January 2014!)

AMS Full-Time Job Opportunities by Alma Mater Society

Listed below are all of the full-time positions available each year.

AMS Council Officers & Support Staff
Academic Affairs Commissioner Communications Officer
Campus Activities Commissioner Marketing Officer
Commissioner of Internal Affairs Human Resources Officer
Commissioner of the Environment & Sustainability Student Centre Officer
Municipal Affairs Commissioner Student Life Assistant Manager (3) *
Social Issues Commissioner Information Technology (IT) Manager
Hospitality & Safety Services Director IT Assistant Manager (2)
Media Services Director Judicial Affairs Director
Retail Services Director Clubs Manager
  Peer Support Centre Director
Service Managers
Hospitality and Safety Services Retail Services Media Services
The AMS Pub Services (TAPS) Head Manager Publishing & Copy Centre Head Manager CFRC Manager (3- availability of positions varies year to year)
The AMS Pub Services (TAPS) Assistant Manager (7) * Publishing & Copy Centre Assistant Manager (3) Queen’s Journal Business Manager
Common Ground Head Manager Tricolour Outlet Head Manager Queen’s TV Head Executive Producer (Head Manager)
Common Ground Assistant Manager (5) * Tricolour Outlet Assistant Manager (4) Queen’s TV Business Manager
Walkhome Head Manager  Walkhome HR Manager * Yearbook & Design Services Head Manager
Queen’s Student Constables Head Manager   Yearbook & Design Services Publications Manager
Queen’s Student Constables Human Resources Manager *    

* indicates 8 month positions are available