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CIA - Commission of Internal Affairs

CIAThe mandate of the Commission of Internal Affairs is to support student initiatives, uphold order and justice, and promote student involvement in the democratic processes of student government. The CIA is responsible for all matters concerning AMS Assembly, AMS Non-Academic Discipline, the administration of AMS and Faculty Society elections and referenda, and the oversight and management of the roughly 200 AMS clubs and extra-curricular organizations. So, every time you cast a ballot in an election, start or join an AMS club, or attend AMS Assembly, you are witnessing the Commission of Internal Affairs in action!

What the CIA can do for you

The main components of the Commission of Internal Affairs are the clubs team, the AMS Judicial Affairs Office and Judicial Committee, and the elections team. The management of AMS Assembly is also delegated to the Commissioner of Internal Affairs. Whether you wish to get involved in AMS clubs or extra-curricular organizations, partake in the AMS Assembly and the student government democratic process, or make better informed decisions in elections and referenda, the CIA has lots to offer.


Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Miriam Bart

(613) 533-6000 ext. 74815