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CES - Commission of the Environment & Sustainability


As more and more students realize Sustainability will be an increasingly significant factor in the working world, the CES works to engage students and provide for them opportunities to integrate Sustainability into their university experience.

Additionally, the CES advocates for sustainable development within the AMS and at Queen’s.  By incorporating environmental, social, and economic sustainability into its mandate and recognizing the intrinsic links between these three pillars, the CES seeks to help students and the administration realize that Sustainability isn’t just recycling and turning out the lights, but a much greater holistic concept of efficiency, sufficiency, community-building, security, empowerment and even profitability! The CES employs a collaborative approach, acting as a hub for on-campus groups interested in Sustainability, as well as with Kingston non-student operations.

Our Mission Statement

Our mandate is to create a culture of Sustainability at Queen’s University and within the Alma Mater Society.  We strive to advance Sustainability on campus by advocating for sustainable improvements and growth within the AMS, upstreaming Sustainability into the operations and strategy of both the corporate and government sides of the Society. Universities are places of innovation and progress. Thus, as environmental issues becoming increasingly threatening, the CES works to help Queen’s adapt and better prepare students for the realities they will face in the working world. It is also a resource for students who may have questions about the environment or sustainability or just wish to engage in a dialogue.  We are always happy to help!

Sustainability Action Fund

This $2.00 opt-out student fee seeks to provide financial assistance to student-run projects that increase campus energy efficiency, reduce waste and/or educate the Queen’s community on sustainability-related issues. Have a project that’s going to promote or create sustainable development on campus? We can probably give you some cash to help you out. Check out the SAF page for more information. SAF applicants are also welcome to take advantage of the Sustainability Action Program, administered by the CES to support students during the planning and execution of their projects, and share the resources of the AMS. 


Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainability

Peter Liberty
(613) 533-6000 ext. 74818
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